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Maillon Rapide Standard Twist


Maillon Rapides have a working load limit that is a fifth of the breaking load of the maillon (as stated by the manufacturer) and will become damaged and distorted if they are used above this load limit. Some are certified as PPE (to protect falls from height) and some are not. If you are unsure of which is which, either ask us, or have a look at your maillon which will be marked with "PPE" if it is and "CE" if it is not. CE maillons conform to Maillon Rapide's standards but are not certified as PPE.

£15.00 inc. VAT £13.33 inc. VAT

DMM Belay Master


The DMM Belay Master 2  is a belay karabiner that has safety at its heart. The nylon crossgate means that you can be sure that the screwgate is locked properly if the crossgate is closed. It stops the chance of the screw undoing and retains the krab in the correct orientation so not weakening of the system can occur.

£20.99 inc. VAT £18.59 inc. VAT

Finsterwalde Quick-Out Karabiner


When you need a reliable connection but need to be able to affect an immediate release this is the karabiner for you. Ideal for helicopter and across river rescues. Double button locking with multiple safety mechanism and a breaking strength of 40kN. Paragliders are able to separate the pilot from his/her glider when using a dirigible rescue system.

£74.99 inc. VAT

Palm Autolock Karabiner


A large D-shaped karabiner with anodised finish for durability. The gate is protected with an auto-lock system to prevent accidental opening and automatic locking when closed.

£22.00 inc. VAT £20.12 inc. VAT

Foin 10mm Oval


This is a true oval karabiner in 10mm steel, rated to 22kn. Ideal for use with pulleys in all except the highest loading situations. This oval connector allows it to be used with the full range of pulleys, as well as all the other standard uses for a karabiner.

£7.49 inc. VAT £6.54 inc. VAT

Foin Double Action Karabiner


A simple locking mechanism allowing more safety than a snap gate without the safety of a screwgate.

£10.75 inc. VAT £9.40 inc. VAT

Petzl Attache


At only 56g the Petzl Attache is truely lightweight for an HMS Karabiner. The size and shape of this carabiner make it popular for many uses such as connecting a belay device to a harness, belaying with a Munter hitch or as a multi-purpose carabiner for use at belay stations. As you would expect it accommodates two clove hitches with ease. It has a lock indicator: when the gate is not secured a red band is visible at the end of the gate.

£15.66 inc. VAT £13.90 inc. VAT

Petzl Vertigo Wire Lock


Lightweight alloy double-action locking karabiner for Via Ferratas. The gate is opened by pulling the sprung barrel down with your fingers, so its easy and fast but much safer than a snap gate. It also has a wide gate opening and easy grip shape.

£19.25 inc. VAT £17.08 inc. VAT