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Petzl Torse


The Petzl Torse clips securely onto the back of your sit harness and loops up over your shoulders and holds the Croll in position. It offers a little more back support than "bra style" chest harnesses. It is easily adjustable before a pitch or to fit different sizes of caver.

£19.96 inc. VAT £17.70 inc. VAT

Petzl Superavanti

Durability and low weight — these are the strong suits of the Superavanti caving harness! The materials used for the leg loops, attachment points, and gear loops make this a durable and long-lasting harness. The attachment points are positioned low, allowing you to ascend the rope more easily and efficiently.

From £70.78 inc. VAT

Petzl Aven

Durable and comfortable, the Petzl Aven caving harness carries you through your subterranean explorations with ease. With a waistbelt and leg loops reinforced with foam, it provides comfortable support as you progress. Designed with durable materials around the attachment points, leg loops, and gear loops, it offers long-lasting wear resistance.

From £106.16 inc. VAT