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Petzl Vasak


The Petzl Vasak Leverlock used to come in various models with different binding options, i.e. a toe clip at the front (which could only be used with B3 boots) or a plastic basket which could be used with B2 boots also. All that has changed with the Petzl Vasak Leverlock Universal which comes with both binding options - the picture above explains all!

£149.63 inc. VAT £132.71 inc. VAT

Grivel Air Tech Lite


The Grivel Air Tech Lite is the "lightened" 12-point crampon of the Air Tech family. Air Tech Light, in aluminum, is a close relative of the Air Tech family but thought to have a significantly lower weight. Suitable for both mountaineering and ski touring. It has 12 points distributed in order to allow incredible performances on ice and snow.

£140.00 inc. VAT £125.12 inc. VAT

Petzl Sarken


A crampon which can be used for both classical mountain routes and for harder more technical routes. This crampon is based on a classic 12 point design but the two front points are very unique compared to any other crampon on the market. The front two teeth are shaped like a T with a slightly longer downward facing point on. This means that they work well when walking on or climbing on soft snow (standard technical points tend to rail).

£169.57 inc. VAT £150.38 inc. VAT

Grivel G12 NM EVO


The Grivel G12 New Matic EVO is a classic, versatile crampon for all types of mountaineering, for high altitude tours, glacier crossings, and steep, demanding terrain. The four retention prongs prevent slipping on fresh snow and ensure great safety on the descent. The semi-rigid crampon has 12 points with 2 front points and is fully manually adjustable. It can be easily folded for transport.

£150.00 inc. VAT £134.06 inc. VAT

Salewa Alpinist Combi Crampon


The Salewa Alpinist Combi Crampon is a durable, 12-point steel, semi-automatic crampon with plastic basket at the front and rocker lever at the back. Ideal for B2 boots when alpine touring including high-alpine, ridges and north faces.

£95.00 inc. VAT £87.40 inc. VAT