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Grivel Horn


The Grivel Horn can be added to the base of a number of Grivel axes to aid climbing and on steep ice or even allow yourself to try leashless climbing. With tinkering and the application of longer bolts they can be adapted to other brands of axe such as the DMM Fly. This little addition will help protect your knuckles.

£16.00 inc. VAT £11.99 inc. VAT

Grivel Easy G Leash


The Grivel Easy G Leash is a simple leash with a broad supportive loop of material around the wrist that goes tight when pulled down. A loop is fitted around the shaft of the ice tool so that when the wrist is pulled up and away from the tool the wrist loop loosens easily. A good simple design.

£20.00 inc. VAT £14.99 inc. VAT

Black Diamond Cobra Viper Android Leash


The Black Diamond Cobra Viper Android Leash has been designed specifically for the Cobra and Viper ice tools. It is a clipper leash that allows you to clip or unclip tools quickly and easily with the quick-release clip. This clip detaches from the shaft for moves in which you do not require tools or screw placements, allowing you to maintain dexterity whilst climbing. It is also fitted with a padded wrist strap to help reduce any rubbing and skin aggravation, whilst evenly distributing the weight load.

£55.00 inc. VAT £29.99 inc. VAT

Black Diamond Kid's Tracer Helmet


The Black Diamond Kid's Tracer Helmet is a super fun, safe and lightweight helmet for kids at the crag! Easily adjusted with one hand and mesh vents to stop debris make this quick, easy and safe to use for your children and enjoyable days out climbing!

£65.00 inc. VAT £49.99 inc. VAT

Wild Country Session Chalk Bag

The Wild Country Session Chalk Bag has been designed to be "Gritstone proof" and tough enough for any climb.

From £13.99 inc. VAT

Scarpa Manta Pro GTX

The Scarpa Manta Pro GTX are a B2 rated boot that are perfect for anything from winter walking and mountaineering to summer alpinism. They have a Gore-Tex Lining and Full Rubber Rand to fend off the weather and provide great protection, as well as a Vibram Sole that provides secure grip. Overall, the Manta Pro GTX is a great choice if you're looking for an all purpose B2 boot, and with Scarpa's fantastic reputation in mountain boots, you can't go far wrong with the Manta.

From £199.99 inc. VAT

OCUN Kestrel QD Dyn 8

The Ocun Kestrel QD DYN 8mm Quickdraw is a great alpine quickdraw, constructed of two light-weight Kestrel carabiners with wire gates and an 8mm light Dyneema webbing. The Kestrel carabiners are Ocun's lightweight carabiners that offer fantastic strength and versatility. The wire gate eliminates gate flutter.

From £19.82 inc. VAT


The Crest LU Climbing shoe by OCUN is designed as a beginner shoe and therefore more geared towards comfort than an advanced and more aggressive shoe. However, they still provide a precise placement and grip on small footholds whether climbing indoors or outside. Thanks to a very symmetric and straight shape the shoe is a good fit for most shaped feet and as a laced shoe offers lots of adjustment when tightening.

From £53.99 inc. VAT