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"We feel responsible toward climbers, friends and customers who rely on our products at all times, wherever they are. Our reward is to combine product perfection with our customers’ experience – as they enter vertical worlds."

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OCUN Boulder Bag

The OCUN Boulder Bag is a high-capacity chalk bag for bouldering. It has an originally designed roller shut-off that prevents any spillage of chalk and has been made with hard-wearing fabric. There's also brush holders and a zippered pocket for the storage of small items and essentials.

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OCUN Captur Pro


The OCUN Captur Pro is a shock absorber for use on Via Ferrata climbs. It has been designed to gradually absorb the effects of a fall that may occur during a climb and to reduce the energy generated to an acceptable value. It uses lightweight but super strong karabiners with easy-to-use wide gate openings with an ergonomic grip. This equipment must be used in combination with a full-body or sit harness.

£83.29 ex. VAT £74.50 ex. VAT

OCUN Captur Pro Swivel


The OCUN Captur Pro Swivel is a shock absorber for via ferrata with a swivel that facilitates work with the elastic arms and avoids tangling. It will gradually absorb the effects of a fall that may occur during a climb and should be used in combination with either a full-body or sit harness.

£91.63 ex. VAT £82.78 ex. VAT


The OCUN Condor HMS Twist is a large karabiner that responds to the new trends of safety. Equipped with an independent internal wire gate that prevents it from rotating and guards against unwanted release from a belay loop, this karabiner ensures safe belaying and rappelling. The internal gate locks in the right direction and therefore prevents upward release. This means that the belayer can focus their full attention on the climber. The Condor brings a new level of safety into belaying.

From £12.76 ex. VAT

OCUN Cool Chalk


The OCUN Cool Chalk has been developed and tested for use on cold, dry days in temperatures below 10°C. Cool Chalk has a rougher, not so dusty texture that works better in colder environments and is great for use in the autumn and winter for outdoor climbing and bouldering. Cool Chalk is also better for your hands so it's also suitable for climbers with dry skin.

£9.16 ex. VAT £8.32 ex. VAT

OCUN Crack Gloves Lite

The OCUN Crack Gloves Lite are an improved version of the already excellent OCUN crack glove. A redesigned shape has increased comfort on the hand. Other improvements include a rubber cover over the Velcro fastening that helps to prevent it becoming undone whilst in use. The gloves are constructed of microfiber stretch suede and a highly sensitive adhesive rubber that provides maximum friction.

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The Crest LU Climbing shoe by OCUN is designed as a beginner shoe and therefore more geared towards comfort than an advanced and more aggressive shoe. However, they still provide a precise placement and grip on small footholds whether climbing indoors or outside. Thanks to a very symmetric and straight shape the shoe is a good fit for most shaped feet and as a laced shoe offers lots of adjustment when tightening.

From £44.99 ex. VAT

OCUN Dominator FTS


The OCUN Dominator FTS is the crash pad with the highest absorption effect in the world. It's been designed to be suitable for highballs thanks to OCUN's patented FTS Absorption Block® inner padding that improves absorption of the energy of falls. The design of the absorption block ensures perfectly efficient absorption - even et the edges of the pad. This also decreases the weight of the pad by about 20%.

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