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Petzl Sky Hook & Sling


Wide hook for aiding designed for larger features, bars and holes, also known as the Goutte D'Eau.

£17.95 inc. VAT £15.91 inc. VAT

Petzl Small Sky Hook & Sling


The Smallest Sky Hook we can find. Ideal for Bat Hooking and very small edges. It has a filed hook so it can fit in Drilled 10mm holes. For bigger edges and flakes the check out the Black Diamond Cliffhanger or Petzl Sky Hook.

£17.95 inc. VAT £15.91 inc. VAT

Black Diamond Padded Gear Sling


Black Diamonds bandolier comes with a well padded adjustable shoulder strap and a 9kN rating. Nut key and carabiner not included.

£20.00 inc. VAT £18.54 inc. VAT

Petzl Axess String


The Axess string is a nylon sling with a protective cover designed to be used in situations where lots of wear may occur such as indoor or outdoor centres. A wear indicator is also weaved into the stitching so that slings may be retired. Designed to be used with the Djinn snapgates and a maillon (not included).

£44.89 inc. VAT £39.82 inc. VAT

Kong Prog


The Prog is a stiffened tubular sling with an end connector that closes automatically. The PROG mechanism stays opened until pushed onto a bolt, at which point the gates close. The gates stay closed when loaded to avoid them accidentally coming undone. The mechanism when paired with the inner bar in the sling creates a useful system for progressing to the next bolt when it's just out of reach to work a route or get past a dangerous section of climb.

£38.99 inc. VAT £34.82 inc. VAT

Black Diamond 13mm Dynex Rabbit Runner


Whether you're threading big icicles, or extending pro on a wandering trad pitch, the Rabbit Runner is the full-strength sling you want. Featuring two different size sewn pockets, the 110cm long Rabbit is ultra-versatile, with one tight pocket (26mm) designed to hold a carabiner steady and one that's open (72mm), allowing you to girth-hitch with ease.

£18.00 inc. VAT £16.68 inc. VAT

Petzl Axess

The Petzl Express Sling connects two carabiners together to make a quick-draw. Made of thick, durable material, the Express Sling is comfortable and easy to grab when on the wall, as many other quick-draws are narrower making them harder to grab and pull on.

From £3.54 inc. VAT

Beal Dynaclip

The Beal Dynaclip Rope Sling has sewn ends, ensuring belaying safety and is both lightweight and compact. The seams are protected by a moulded sheath for added safety and durability and it has a dynamic performance that's far superior to a conventional tape sling.

From £18.29 inc. VAT