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Compeed Blister Mixed Sizes 5 pack


Compeed Mixed Blister Plasters are the complete solution to foot blisters. This pack contains blister plasters in various sizes to suit blisters on different parts of the foot. The pack includes 2x Blister Medium, 2x Blister Small and 1x Blister on toes. Ideal for you, your family and the first aid kit!

£4.66 ex. VAT £4.29 ex. VAT

Compeed Blister On Toes 8 pack


Compeed on toes blister plasters provide instant pain relief. Whilst absorbing excess moisture, the plaster forms a protective cushion and provides optimum healing conditions. Specially designed for blisters on toes which are sometimes awkward to reach.

£4.66 ex. VAT £4.29 ex. VAT

Compeed Blister Sports Heel 5 pack


Blister plasters for use on the heel.

£5.41 ex. VAT £5.01 ex. VAT