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Crux Climb

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Crux Climb Sandpaper Pack

The Crux Climb Sandpaper Pack is a refill pack of sandpaper for your Taco skin file. They are available in two different intensities of 150 grit (soft) and 100 grit (hard), so you can choose according to your type of skin. The two types can also be divided if you wish to use two different intensities combined within the same Taco file.

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Crux Climb Taco Skin File

The Crux Climb Taco Skin File is a callus file that's been designed for use by climbers and athletes who seek to improve their performance and extend the length of training sessions. Its ergonomic shape allows for faster and more precise care, whilst it also has a natural pincer grip. This handy tool has been designed to fit every shape and fold of your hands and feet, allowing you to file where other files can't.

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