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Dagger Aluminium Grab Handle


The Dagger Aluminium Grab Handle is the perfect way to add a new kayak handle to your chosen craft. This is mainly designed to work on Dagger Kayaks, however as long as the distance between the mounting points are the same it should work.

£11.00 inc. VAT £10.27 inc. VAT

Dagger Axiom Action

The Dagger Axiom Action is a playful river running kayak that is available in 4 different sizes. The different sizes are, Axiom 6.9 Action, Axiom 8 Action, Axiom 8.5 Action and also the Axiom 9 action. The Dagger Axiom Action is a great whitewater kayak that is suitable for paddling up to and including grade 3-4 whitewater. It is also suitable for kayak surfing on the coast. This whitewater kayak features a bulkhead footrest, a padded backrest and also a set of well-defined thigh braces. All of this combined helps to offer great levels of comfort, support and performance.

From £497.42 inc. VAT

Dagger Axis E 10.5

The Dagger Axis E, a 10.5 foot touring kayak that is perfect for flat water kayaking. This touring kayak offer good levels of stability and forward speed, it is a great option for new comers to the world of kayaking. The Dagger Axis E, is a recreational touring kayak that has a large easy access cockpit and this features a comfortable padded seat and backrest. It also has an adjustable footrest for the best levels of comfort and suppot. The rear of the kayak also incorporates a kayak storage hatch and also a retractable skeg for directional stability.

From £827.78 inc. VAT