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Dryrobe Advance Short Sleeve

The Dryrobe Advance Short Sleeve, is a highly versatile beach changing poncho. It will also double up for many other aspects of family life and is the perfect guest for the outdoor poerson! Whether its for putting on over your wetsuit, as you get out of the sea or using it to keep your dignity while getting changed. The Dryrobe Advance Short is guaranteed to do the job. It is also ideal for sitting on the beach on a cold day while waiting for the surf to come up!

From £130.00 inc. VAT

Dryrobe Compression Travel Bag


The Dryrobe Compression Travel Bag, this is the perfect way of easily storing and transporting your chosen beach changing robe. Whether you have the dryrobe advance long sleeve or the advance short sleeve, this will protect it and also reduice the volume and size. Whilst offering the regular roll top closure that is found on many drybags, this also features a valve and compression straps which means you can compress it down to a smaller pack size. (roughly 50% of its original size) In addtion to that, it also features a shoulder carry strap so you have plenty of options when heading to the beach with your stand up paddle board.

£30.00 inc. VAT