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 Dryrobe at Up and Under, Cardiff

Welcome to the Dryrobe Brands page for

Up and Under is the Dryrobe Stockist in Cardiff, where we carry very good stocks in our two storey shop.

The Dryrobe Advance Long Sleeve and also the Advance Short Sleeve are both key stock lines for us. The dryrobe brand is the best changing robe for outdoor swimming.

The Dryrobe Mission is...

"Our mission at dryrobe is to inspire, enable and improve the experience of an active outdoor lifestyle, for everyone. By creating a product that didn’t exist before we made changing outside easy, warm and fun; expanding the limitations of your comfort zone and enhancing participation in life's extraordinary moments"

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Dryrobe Advance Kid's Long Sleeve

The Dryrobe Advance Kid's Long Sleeve is a compact counterpart to the adult version, ensuring smaller surfers, swimmers, and kayakers stay warm. This beach changing robe is a crucial and sought-after addition for active families spending time outdoors. Whether worn over a wetsuit on the way back to the car or campsite, at the rugby pitch, or for maintaining privacy while changing, the Dryrobe Advance Kid's Long Sleeve is an indispensable everyday essential.

From £145.00 inc. VAT

Dryrobe Advance Kid's Short Sleeve

The Dryrobe Advance Kid's Short Sleeve is a scaled-down version of the adult model, keeping children warm and cozy. This versatile beach changing poncho is perfect for active outdoor families, serving various purposes. Whether worn over a wetsuit after a swim, for privacy during changing, or on the way to the campsite shower, the Dryrobe Advance Kid's Short Sleeve ensures warmth and comfort in chilly outdoor conditions.

From £90.00 inc. VAT

Dryrobe Advance Long Sleeve

The Dryrobe Advance Long Sleeve is the ultimate changing towel. It's super versatile and is the number one choice for many outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you're off kayaking, wild swimming, surfing, or even standing on the side or the football pitch, the DryRobe has you covered. Primarily designed for changing, it helps to protect your modesty should you drop your towel! However, for many surfers and wild swimmers, as they spend time in the water so close to home, they will wear it home to save getting changed outdoors. The synthetic lambs wool inner offers warmth while the weatherproof outer will also protect the car seats should you wish to drive home. The large hood offers additional warmth, as do the two front pockets. The large inner pockets offer storage for items such as a wallet and a mobile phone.

From £165.00 inc. VAT

Dryrobe Advance Short Sleeve

The Dryrobe Advance Short Sleeve is a multi-functional beach changing robe, keeping you warm and dry with wind and rain protection. Made from 100% recycled materials, its versatile for use over wetsuits, during changes, or at the campsite, providing comfort and practicality. Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and a great gift option.

From £145.00 inc. VAT

Dryrobe Car Seat Cover

The Dryrobe Car Seat Cover offers all the same great features as your Dryrobe Advance. If you're spending days cruising in a vehicle with leather seats, these will fresh up the look by adding more warmth and comfort to your current seats whilst also providing protection for the leather underneath. Great for early morning swims when you want to jump straight back into your car and make a quick dash home while still wearing wet kit!

From £70.00 inc. VAT

Dryrobe Changing Mat

The Dryrobe Changing Mat offers a clean, dry surface for changing in and out of your wetsuit, ideal for activities like swimming, surfing, and other outdoor watersports. Crafted from 100% recycled fabrics approved by the Global Recycle Standard (GRS).

From £20.00 inc. VAT

Dryrobe Compression Travel Bag

The Dryrobe Compression Travel Bag is an ideal companion for any Dryrobe, be it the Advance Long Sleeve or the Advance Short Sleeve. This bag not only shields your Dryrobe but also minimizes its size and volume. Additionally, it comes equipped with a shoulder carry strap, offering flexibility when heading to the beach with your stand-up paddleboard.

From £35.00 inc. VAT

Dryrobe Dog Robe

The Dryrobe Dog Robe is the ultimate thermal dog walking coat. They're available in six different size options, so you can achieve the perfect fit and a wide range of colour combinations that coincide with the rest of the Dryrobe range, meaning you and your four-legged friend can match! The Dog Robe will keep your dog warm and cosy on those early morning and late evening walks, and if that isn’t enough, they're also waterproof.

From £45.00 inc. VAT