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Whetman Equipment Adder 4m

The Whetman Equipment Adder 4m is a kayaking safety tape that's the perfect addition to any kayaking safety kit. This kayak safety sling is 4m long, 25mm wide and features a 10kN breaking strength. The Adder is looped over at both ends to create a double thickness, it is then stitched with multiple bar tacks for optimum strength - this creates the main loop. Each main loop then features three smaller loops to give additional loading points, again each of the loops is created by a high strength bar tack.

From £16.03 inc. VAT

Whetman Equipment Deck Grabs

The Whetman Equipment Deck Grabs are ideal for securing items to your kayak. They are easily fitted and removed so they can be stored away if not required. Whetman Equipment have made these elastics from a bungee shock cord and then fitted them with small plastic clips on each end. They are available in two different sizes and are sold in pairs.

From £5.34 inc. VAT

Whetman Equipment Drogue Chute

The Whetman Equipment Drogue Chute is specifically crafted for sea kayakers as a rescue tool, aimed at managing the speed of kayaks in deep water affected by wind, waves, or surf. By creating underwater drag, it automatically aligns the kayak with the wind, ensuring that deploying it from the stern positions your back against the wind.

From £35.81 inc. VAT

Whetman Equipment Drypod

The Whetman Equipment Drypod is a waterproof screw-tight dry-pod.

From £17.78 inc. VAT

Whetman Equipment Fish Tail Ear Plugs

The Whetman Equipment Fish Tail Ear Plugs prevent water ingress into the ears and protect against wind exposure. For kayakers and other watersports enthusiasts, water ingress can seriously affect your balance during activities in the water. They also help to prevent Surfer's Ear which can lead to deafness and balance problems in the long run.

From £13.33 inc. VAT

Whetman Equipment Force Spraydeck

The Whetman Equipment Force Spraydeck is available in two deck sizes and four waists. It is particularly well suited to whitewater kayaks, however it also works with sea kayaks. The Force Spraydeck features a 4mm neoprene construction and it seals to the kayak via a 9mm shock cord edge. The under side of the spraydeck has been finished with a latex coating around the edges to give an enhanced seal on the cockpit.

From £89.74 inc. VAT

Whetman Equipment Gripper Spraydeck

The Whetman Equipment Gripper Spraydeck is one of the best spray decks currently available. It is perfect for the most extreme kayaking and will easily stay put on your kayak, even when running waterfalls. The gripper features a 4mm neoprene construction with an 11.5mm shock cord edge, which is designed to stay in place! The underside of the spray deck also features a hand painted latex edge which provides additional grip while the Kevlar style reinforced top edge gives the best possible levels of durability.

From £155.78 inc. VAT

Whetman Equipment Krab Stick

The Whetman krab stick is available in two different size options. The orange krab stick works with snap gate karabiners, while the green krab stick works with locking gate carabiners. This simple piece of kayak safety gear easily secures to your kayaking karabiner and will hold the gate open. This will then allow you to clip things safely, securely and most importantly from a distance. See main description for more information on which karabiners work with each size.

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