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Friction Labs

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Friction Labs Gorilla Grip

Friction Labs Gorilla Grip climbing chalk has been meticulously crafted to elevate your climbing performance to new heights. Created by climbers for climbers, it has earned the trust of elite athletes across various sports reliant on enduring grip. Unlike conventional chalk, it's meticulously processed in Denver, Colorado, stripping away unnecessary fillers to offer unparalleled moisture absorption with a single application. Formulated with high-purity magnesium carbonate, it caters to all skin types, ensuring consistent performance on the rock.

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Friction Labs Secret Stuff (Alcohol Free)


Friction Labs Alcohol-Free Secret Stuff serves as an ideal foundational liquid chalk gel suitable for all skin types. This latest innovation from FrictionLabs comes in a convenient gel form, perfect for application in the gym or drier climates. It particularly benefits climbers with naturally dry skin. Use it independently or in tandem with your preferred FrictionLabs loose chalk for optimal performance.

£10.42 ex. VAT £9.80 ex. VAT

Friction Labs Secret Stuff Hygienic (80% Alcohol)


Friction Labs 80% Alcohol Hygienic Secret Stuff is the world's premier hygienic chalk. Handcrafted in the USA with a patent-pending base formula of 80% Ethyl alcohol, this liquid chalk not only provides a confident grip but also naturally cleanses and disinfects your hands. Its unique cream formula delivers chalk deep into the texture of your hands, ensuring thorough cleansing and maximum grip enhancement.

£10.42 ex. VAT £9.80 ex. VAT

Friction Labs Unicorn Dust

Friction Lab's chalk has been made with climbers in mind. They take magnesium carbonate (chalk) and treat, refine, and grind it in Colorado, USA. Without using fillers, drying agents, or impurities, their chalk offers to keep your hands drier for longer, without compromising your skin. This pack is their finest grind called Unicorn Dust.

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Friction Labs Secret Stuff


Friction Labs Secret Stuff is a liquid chalk cream that helps with grip when you get in a sweat! It is best applied just before a climbing session, so you get the most out of your exercise and can also be used for gymnastics and general gym uses. Using Secret Stuff means you don't need as much chalk when you need to chalk up, and chalking up is less frequent too. It works with your skin to achieve the best grip possible when you need it the most.

£10.42 ex. VAT £9.80 ex. VAT
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