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Robens Burner Stand


£6.66 ex. VAT £6.15 ex. VAT

Robens Bushcraft DIY Tripod


The Robens Bushcraft DIY Tripod DIY Bonfire stand is perfect for use on trekking trips and in the camp. It is super easy to carry thanks to the practical included bag for transport and storage. The fire rack has been developed with a compact adapter that has three connectors, which you can easily adjust the height of during cooking by adjusting the length of the chain. The legs themselves are just sticks that you will find in the area.

£11.66 ex. VAT £10.29 ex. VAT

Robens Carson Dutch Oven

The Robens Carson Dutch Oven is made from durable cast iron for optimal heat transfer and even cooking throughout. The raised edge on the lid holds embers in place for heat above and below and its three legs are for direct use in the fire. The handle also features a hook attachment point for use with a tripod.

From £36.00 ex. VAT

Robens Carson Lid Lifter


Designed specifically for the Robens Dutch Oven, this little tool lifts the lid of the pot when it's too hot to touch with bare hands.

£7.49 ex. VAT £6.96 ex. VAT

Robens Custer Saw


Custer Chainsaw from Robens is a highly efficient and practical saw that with its "chainsaw design" effectively cuts in both directions. The chain saw fills the bag minimally and is easy to pack on the trip. The saw is equipped with strong nylon handles that ensure good comfort and provide a firm and comfortable grip, even when wet. The saw's steel chain has a high carbon content and strong durable cutting teeth.

£14.16 ex. VAT £13.03 ex. VAT

Robens Cylinder Bush Saw


The Roben's Cylinder Bush Saw is an easy to assemble compact saw made from stainless steel. The saw only takes seconds to assemble and comes with 2 blades (for fresh and dry wood) and a carry-bag that the saw fits neatly inside.

£17.49 ex. VAT £16.12 ex. VAT

Robens Dixie Axe

The Robens Dixie Axe is a compact axe forged of carbon steel with PTFE coating, this gives it low friction and improved rust protection. he handle is made of a very strong glass-filled nylon handle, which doesn't absorb water and decreases the weight of the axe. The handle has a full length TPR inlay that highly improves the grip and open up for multiple ways to hold the axe.

From £16.81 ex. VAT

Robens Fire Beetle Stove


The Robens Fire Beetle Stove is a stable, compact free standing stove perfect for use on uneven ground. The low weight design features a robust coated stainless steel frame with a performance burner head that delivers a 3000w flame with boil/simmer control.

£37.49 ex. VAT £33.24 ex. VAT