Established in 1977
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Pyranha Kayaks

Welcome to the brand page for Pyranha Kayaks

Up and Under is a Pyranha Stockist in Cardiff, 10 minutes drive from the Cardiff International White Water Centre.

Pyranha have been making kayaks since 1971 and in that time they have designed and manufactured some fo the best kayaks out there. In 1976 they produced their first generation of the Pyranha Everest, which was also their first serious whitewater kayak, it was also a fibreglass kayak! In 1979, they relocated to their Marina Village site in Runcorn. It was here that they made their first plastic kayak and later on in 1982, where they became the first kayak manufacturers to use computer controlled manufacturing. Between 1982 and 1986, saw the launch of the Pyranha Rotabat, the worlds first super short kayak, this was then followed by the Pyranha Mountain Bat and also the Pyranha Robroy. The robroy was the worlds first self draining kayak, maybe the first Sit on Top Kayak? 1991 saw the release of the Pyranha Stuntbat, 1993/94 saw the launch of the Acrobat which was the first kayak with a planing hull, while 1995/1996 saw the launch of the first generation Pyranha Surfjet. Then in 1997, Pyranha yet again set a first, the Ina Zone which was the first katyak to be made in 3 sizes, the 220,230 and the 240. 2002 saw the launch of Pyranha USA, while in 2004 they purchase P & H Sea Kayaks. One year later, they then take over Mobile Adventure, which later becomes Venture Canoes / Kayaks . 2011, then sees Pyranha Move to their current factory...

Pyranha Mouldings, the company behind Pyranha also own P & H Custom Sea KayaksRevenge Polo Kayaks and also Venture Canoes / Kayaks.

The biggest thought from Pyranha is "Made by Enthusiasts, for Enthusiasts"

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Pyranha 12R Stout 2

The Pyranha 12R Stout 2, a top end whitewater river running kayak that offers great levels of forward speed.

From £1,239.66 ex. VAT

Pyranha 9R II Stout 2

The Pyranha 9R II Stout 2, a whitewater river running kayak that is available in two different sizes.

From £995.82 ex. VAT

Pyranha 9R Stout 2

The Pyranha 9R Stout 2, a river running kayak

From £948.75 ex. VAT

Pyranha Brass Centred Wheelnut

The Pyranha Brass-Centered Wheel Nuts are a crucial component for securing your footrest properly. A loose footrest can pose unnecessary risks. These kayak footrest bolts come in two size options: 6mm, which is compatible with most boats from 2009 to the present, and 8mm, designed for boats manufactured before 2009. These nuts are sold individually. It's advisable to keep some spares in your safety kit, especially for extended multi-day paddling trips.

From £2.26 ex. VAT

Pyranha Burn III Connect

The Pyranha Burn III Connect is available in two sizes (M and L) and is a classic river running kayak known for its outstanding performance. It features a spacious cockpit with a fully adjustable backrest system, padded seat and connect thigh grips for optimal comfort. The kayak includes a bulkhead footrest, step-out pillar with a hull stiffener, rear minicell foam pillar and multiple securing bars/clip points for enhanced safety. With a moderate amount of hull rocker and rails for responsive turns, it's designed for manoeuvrability and quick resurfacing after drops.

From £596.65 ex. VAT

Pyranha Drain Plug Collar - Pyranha


£4.99 ex. VAT £4.64 ex. VAT

Pyranha Firecracker Stout 2

The Pyranha Firecracker Stout 2 is a highly versatile river running playboat that is available in three different sizes for a near perfect fit. It also incorporates the revolutionary Pyranha Stout 2 kayak outfitting, which provides optimum levels of comfort, performance and safety. The Pyranha Firecracker features a high volume bow offering plenty of foot room, whilst the stern of the kayak is kept short. The mid length rails offer a bit of carving ability. However the stern rails are rounded to make for ease of release whilst on a wave, whilst the flat planning hull offers explosive freestyle fun. The Firecracker Stout 2 really is a boat that will give hours of unlimited performance. Whether you want to play on a wave or get stuck into a hole, it really does provide lots of river fun!

From £996.66 ex. VAT
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