Established in 1977
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Huber Classic Gloves

The Huber Classic are the warmest of warm woollen gloves! Dachstein gloves have a mythical presence when pulled out of the bag, as everyone knows the user will soon be warm, no matter the conditions. Made with Austrian wool and built with Austrian quality, these will last a lifetime!

From £49.12 inc. VAT

Huber Extreme Mitts

The Huber Extreme Mitts are one of the warmest grippiest mitts available. Also known as Dachstein Mitts the specially treated wool in these mitts preserves it's natural water repellency and insulation. Soft to the touch but hard-wearing, and used by Alpine and Scottish winter climbers for decades as they stick to ice to improve your grip over modern synthetic materials.

From £33.07 inc. VAT

Huber Technical Glove/Mitts

The Huber Technical Glove/Mitts are excellent for winter sports such as snowboarding and skiing, as well as various cold-weather tasks and activities, thanks to their versatility in both fingerless and mitten modes. They are equally well-suited for winter walks, hikes and will provide all-day comfort during the colder months.

From £62.03 inc. VAT