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Peak UK Adventure Double Evo Jacket


The Peak UK Adventure Double Evo Jacket has been redesigned from the ground up and introduces a new era in Peak UK garment design. This jacket has been engineered with Peak UK's own bespoke latex seals that scale with the size of each garment and it uses 100% post-industrial recycled yarns in its fabric. The outer seal construction has been redesigned by removing bulky seam junctions and the DWR treatment in CFC free.

£299.00 inc. VAT £273.67 inc. VAT

Yak Apollo Cag

The Yak Apollo Cag is a highly versatile kayaking jacket that will offer you great levels of protection whilst on the water. If you're looking to keep the wind, rain and spray off then this is the cag for you. The Apollo is ideal for sea kayaking, but also works well for canoeing and paddle boarding. It features an over the head design and it’s made from a 2.5 layer material with an articulated cut for the maximum levels of freedom.

From £143.63 inc. VAT

Peak UK Freeride Jacket

The Peak UK Freeride Jacket is a semi dry kayak cag that is perfect for kayak surfing and whitewater kayaking. This jacket is particularly well suited for kayak surfing as the neoprene neck seal gives great comfort in salt water conditions. It features a 3 layer construction which is combined with an articulated cut and pre-bent arms. The end result, amazing performance and comfort!

From £170.23 inc. VAT

Peak UK Deluxe X3 Jacket

The Peak UK Deluxe X3 is an extremely tough and durable Whitewater kayak cag, this is the ultimate cag that will keep you dry, warm and comfortable - even in the most extreme of conditions. This dry top features a 3 layered fabric construction that's combined with an articulated cut and pre-bent arms. The rest of the cag incorporates a twin neck seal, with latex on the inside and neoprene on the outer. The waist system is also double layered, this helps to create a good seal with your kayak spray deck.

From £222.60 inc. VAT

Peak UK Combi Jacket

The Peak UK Combi Jacket is a semi-dry kayak cag with a short sleeve design. The short sleeves make it ideal for warm kayaking expeditions, or pair with the additional neoskin combi sleeves for use on cooler days. This cag benefits from a 2.5 layered fabric construction and an articulated cut, this offers excellent freedom of movement. It also features a double waist system to work in conjunction with a kayak spray deck.

From £157.13 inc. VAT

Palm Zenith Women's Jacket

The Palm Zenith Women's Jacket is a semi-dry paddling jacket that incorporates a 2.5 layer waterproof and breathable fabric. The cut of this jacket is designed specifically for the female shape and is perfect for paddlers who don't like latex neck seals.

From £160.04 inc. VAT

Palm Zenith Shortsleeve Jacket

The Palm Zenith Shortsleeve Jacket is a midweight, short sleeved cag that's perfect for summer paddling. It benefits from a soft GlideSkin neck and Glideskin bicep seals‚ and is made using XP 2.5-layer fabric. It also has handy reflective details, providing visibility in night time and the eye catching colour combinations are great for safety and rescue purposes. Overall, the Zenith is a great choice for alpine trips‚ summer surfing or freestyle.

From £137.18 inc. VAT

Palm Zenith Jacket

The Palm Zenith Jacket is an excellent semi-dry kayak cag that's suitable for a variety of different types of kayaking. Whether you are using it for whitewater kayaking here in the UK or maybe on an alpine kayaking trip, this jacket is sure to tick all the boxes. It is also well suited for kayak surfing on the coast. The Zenith is waterproof and breathable, keeping you comfortable on those colder days. It also benefits from a neoprene cone neck which is more comfortable than a latex gasket in a saltwater environment.

From £160.04 inc. VAT