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Lifeventure All Purpose Soap

The Lifeventure All Purpose Soap is a great travel soap for the everyday day, to most dedicated travellers. Gentle concentrated soap that can be used as body wash, clothes wash or even washing up! This concentrated formula lathers well in both fresh and brackish water and can be used on hair, body, the dishes, fabrics and even fresh food. It’s an antibacterial, pH-balanced and biodegradable soap which goes a long way.

From £3.69 ex. VAT

Lifeventure Camping Cutlery Set


Tried and tested, the Lifeventure stainless steel camping cutlery set is ideal for camping and recommended by the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. The cutlery set is part of the stainless steel range which is durable and comes in a variety of options.

£6.66 ex. VAT £5.90 ex. VAT

Lifeventure Change Robe


The Lifeventure Change Robe is a roomy and lightweight, hooded changed robe that's ideal for drying off and getting changed after outdoor activities. This towel has been designed to allow for easy changing, whilst remaining fully covered and protected from the elements. Thanks to its design, you can use both hands to free yourself from wet or dirty kit whilst still remaining warm and dry.

£35.83 ex. VAT £31.75 ex. VAT

Lifeventure Cotton Sleeping Bag Liner with Pillow Sleeve

The Lifeventure Cotton Sleeping Bag Liner with Pillow Sleeve has been made using 100% cotton that's been treated with Polygiene odour control technology. This treatment is integrated into the fibres of the liner, helping to prevent the build-up of odour causing bacteria and in turn staying fresher for longer. The liner itself is super soft and breathable, with an integrated pillow sleeve and germ guard. It comes supplied with a ripstop carry-case that can be easily stowed away and protected from the elements.

From £19.93 ex. VAT

Lifeventure Ellipse Bowl

LifeVenture Ellipse Cookware looks good, is easy to clean and will withstand the harshest of treatments. Ideal for campers and travellers with some great features such a karabiner hook point. You can even group the whole set together for easy packing and transportation.

From £2.18 ex. VAT

Lifeventure Ellipse FlexiBowl

The Lifeventure Ellipse FlexiBowl is a useful and collapsible bowl made with bright coloured food-grade materials, with a rigid nylon base and flexible silicone walls. These bowls fold down completely flat, saving space for storage and when the sides are raised they stay strong, even when the bowl is empty.

From £7.21 ex. VAT

Lifeventure Ellipse Mug

The Lifeventure Ellipse Mugs are tough, vibrant and easy to clean, perfect for camping trips and Duke of Edinburgh expeditions. Made with durable and lightweight plastic, the Ellipse Mug is ideal for travelling and group trips. These can also be attached to the outside of your pack with a karabiner if there's no room in your bag!

From £2.88 ex. VAT

Lifeventure Ellipse Plate

The Lifeventure Ellipse Plate are tough, lightweight and durable, making them perfect for camping and travelling. The built-in side loop means that you can hook a small karabiner through and attach all of your Lifeventure cookware together, or attach it to your pack if it won't fit in! These plates are also super easy to clean, thanks to their smooth interior.

From £2.88 ex. VAT
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