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Multimat Camper 8


Multimat’s Camper 8 is one of their basic range of cheap camping mats but provides an additional degree of warmth and cushioning by being thicker than its little brother, the Camper 7. It is widely used by all kinds of people seeking an extra degree of comfort and will cushion you from the hard ground and help keep you warm during spring, summer and autumn camping trips.

£10.83 ex. VAT £9.37 ex. VAT

Multimat Compact Kumfie (Folding)

The Multimat Compact Kumfie (folding) is a practical and adaptable cushioned mat that conveniently fits into your bag. It provides added warmth and comfort wherever you choose to rest during your outdoor adventures. These mats come in various colors and serve as a valuable accessory for backpackers, campers, and hikers alike. When folded, it measures a compact 290 x 95 x 28mm, easily slipping into your pocket for on-the-go convenience.

From £4.32 ex. VAT

Multimat Discovery 10 XL

The Multimat Discovery 10 XL is a premium sleeping mat constructed from high quality cross-linked polyolefin foam. This provides reduced compression, a soft feel and greater tear resistance. This mat is perfect for year-round use as well as being great value for money.

From £16.57 ex. VAT

Multimat Repair Kit


The Multimat Repair Kit will ensure that you're always prepared! Although all Multimat's self-inflating mats are made to be extra tough and durable, sometimes our mats take a battering and result in a mat that won't inflate when you need it most. This repair kit can be used on all self inflating mats and comes with multiple patches and glue.

£4.58 ex. VAT £3.97 ex. VAT

Multimat Superlite 25 S


The Multimat Superlite 25 S is an extra-small and light self-inflating sleeping mat, designed like its full sized brother for ultra-light and ultra-compact competitive challenges and backpacking. The difference is, of course that this mat is shorter making it even lighter and even more compact when carried - and who could resist one of the lightest sleeping mats in the world?

£43.33 ex. VAT £37.96 ex. VAT

Multimat Adventure 25


The Multimat Adventure 25 sleeping mat is perfect for the global backpacker and camper. Weighing in at 685g for a full sized mat, it isn't a huge burden to carry for 4 season warmth. Its quality drilled foam core provides full, fast inflation and lasting performance while further reducing weight. The Easy valve can be locked while topping up the air by mouth should you require extra firmness.

£46.66 ex. VAT £40.96 ex. VAT

Multimat Standard 8mm Kumfie


The Multimat Standard 8mm Kumfie is a large sit mat that provides you with a spacious 15ins x 11ins to perch on, yet it still weighs less than an ounce so you’ll hardly notice you’re carrying it. It will not only make all the difference to your comfort but as it’s made from a waterproof and non-absorbent foam it will also keep you warm and dry.

£1.66 ex. VAT £1.46 ex. VAT

Multimat Summit 25/38


The Multimat Summit 25/38 is a self-inflating, 5 season sleeping mat that's designed for comfort and a good nights sleep. With a wedge shape design, this mat keeps warmth where you need it the most. This mat is from Multimat's expedition range so it's designed for durability, reliability and the most extreme conditions on Earth.

£112.49 ex. VAT £97.35 ex. VAT