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Peak UK Centre Jacket

The Peak UK Centre Jacket is a basic entry-level canoe cag that is exceptionally tough, hardwearing, and durable. Its ideal for use in outdoor education centres, schools and scout groups. It also works very well in conjunction with the Peak UK Centre Vest and Zip Buoyancy aids.

From £44.01 ex. VAT

Peak UK Explorer Deck

The Peak UK Explorer Deck is designed specially for sea kayaking. It is made from a tough faced 4mm neoprene. It is then easily secured to the kayak with the 9mm shock cord edge. On the underside of the deck there is a grippy silicone print that helps to keep it firmly on the boat. While on the topside of the deck there is a PU print that helps to prevent against wear and tear. There is a set of bungee elastics that are ideal for securing items to your deck. This is available in 3 different decks sizes and 3 waist sizes for the optimum fit.

From £49.92 ex. VAT

Peak UK Kidz Shoes

The Peak UK Kidz Shoes are some of the lightest and most flexible water shoes out there. Whilst they won’t give you as much comfort and support on rocky terrain, they do offer more protection than just a neoprene sock. These shoes offer basic levels of warmth and are more suitable for use in the summer months. They are particularly well suited to sports such as stand up paddle boarding and sit on top kayaking.

From £18.95 ex. VAT

Peak UK Kidz Thermal Rashy Long

The Peak UK Kidz Thermal Rashy (Long) is a great option to add extra warmth to your kids kayaking clothing setup. It also makes a great all round baselayer if they get cold at other times too. This Rashy uses a fine fleece backed Lycra that's super-stretchy, quick drying, warm and cosy. Once it's on you won't want to take it back off!

From £19.50 ex. VAT

Peak UK Neoprene Socks

The Peak UK Neoprene socks are ideal for wearing in conjunction with other kayaking footwear, or adding warmth to your feet while on winter kayaking trips. Peak UK have designed their socks with 3mm neoprene and the seams are all mausered to make them tough and durable. The sole of these socks features a silicone print to give them added grip.

From £8.33 ex. VAT

Peak UK Neoskin Combi Sleeves

The Peak UK Neoskin Combi Sleeves are perfect for keeping you warm on cold days kayaking. These neoprene sleeves are designed to work as an upgrade for the Peak UK Combi Jacket. Once on the arms, they will then seal in-between the latex bicep and neoprene outer seal.

From £8.33 ex. VAT

Peak UK Nylon Deck

The Peak PS Nylon Deck is the perfect spraydeck for beginner kayakers, schools, groups and centres. Tough, dry, easy to fit and easy to remove.

From £28.75 ex. VAT

Peak UK Shoes

The Peak UK Shoes are light in weight, they are low profile in design and fit and are a great choice when you're spending lots of time near the water. These neoprene shoes are ideal for sports such as Stand up Paddle Boarding and Sit on Top Kayaking. Whilst they are not as warm as neoprene socks, they will offer better levels of protection underfoot.

From £19.58 ex. VAT