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Nalgene Medium Travel Kit


The Nalgene Medium Travel Kit is a really super collection of 8 various sized nalgene bottles and jars made from HDPE (high density polyethylene). The Nalgene Medium Travel Kit comes complete with a variety of useful leak-proof and break-resistant containers that can be used to customise your necessities for each trip. This compact assortment is ideal for taking travel sized quantities of your favourite products with you, including shampoo, mouthwash, creams, powders and medicines.

£13.00 inc. VAT £11.03 inc. VAT

Nalgene Small Travel Kit


The Nalgene Small Travel Kit is a super collection of various sized nalgene bottles and jars! Useful polyethylene containers for coffee, sugar, condiments, oil , tablets shampoo etc. According to the flight rules with volume < 3 oz.

£10.99 inc. VAT £9.36 inc. VAT