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Playboater Rack Strap

From £8.26 inc. VAT

Playboater Shock Deck

From £70.31 inc. VAT

Playboater Work Deck

From £93.44 inc. VAT

Playboater Rackguard


The Playboater Rackguard is a great way of securing your kayak to your car. This kayak security cable is simple and easy to use. Playboater has designed the rack-guard to feature a 4m length of super strong steel cable. This is then protected by a plastic coating to protect the kayak, the car and also your hands.

£19.99 inc. VAT £18.37 inc. VAT

Playboater Ratchet


The Playboater kayak ratchet buckle is supplied as a single unit and does not come with any fittings. These have been fitted in many whitewater kayaks over the years and are identical as those used by Liquid Logic Kayaks. They are also very similar to those used in Dagger Kayaks too.

£4.99 inc. VAT £4.76 inc. VAT

Playboater Ratchet Strip


£3.49 inc. VAT £3.34 inc. VAT
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