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Playboater Rack Strap

From £8.26 inc. VAT

Playboater Rec Deck

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Playboater Shock Deck

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Playboater Work Deck

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Playboater Rackguard


The Playboater Rackguard is a kayak security cable that is easy and simple to use, neither does it require any keys (to loose). This kayak security loop simply feeds into the seal between the car frame and the car door, position it as close to the hinge as possible and your done. The Playboater rackguard is 4m in length and is constructed from a strong steel cable that's then plastic coated for protection.General Features -------------------- 4m in Length High strength steel cable Plastic Coated Steel loop on one end Plastic Ball on opposite end Approved by the BCU Approved by Major Insurance Companies -------------------- How to use: 1 - Loop the cable through the kayak security bar 2 - Feed the ball on the one end of the cable through the loop on the other end 3 - Put the ball into the car through the door frame 4 - Position the ball as closed to the door hingle for best results --------------------

£19.99 inc. VAT £18.37 inc. VAT

Playboater Ratchet


The Playboater ratchet buckle, a universal kayak thigh brace ratchet buckle that will work on most boat brands. This is the ideal option when you need to upgrade your existing kayak ratchet buckles. These are easy to fit and will suit the majority of kayaks brands. They do not come with any fitting nuts but you can easily reuse what’s already in the kayak. They feature a metal base and a durable plastic top section.General Features -------------------- Supplied as individual Unit No Fitting bolts supplied Metal Base Plate Plastic Upper section --------------------

£4.99 inc. VAT £4.76 inc. VAT

Playboater Ratchet Strip


£3.49 inc. VAT £3.34 inc. VAT