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PowerBar Protein Plus


Treat your muscles after an intense workout or fuel your body during the day with an extra portion of protein. This will not only support muscle growth but also muscle maintenance. The 30% Protein Plus bar is rich in high-quality protein and tastes delicious. With six different flavours to choose from, you can find the right bar for your taste.

£2.00 inc. VAT

Icon Nutrition Battle Oats

Perfect as a quick snack during high energy activities, Battle Oats actually make you feel like you've had something substantial to eat, taste nice and provide slow release energy. On top of that they are Wheat Free, Gluten Free, Vegetarian and don't use Palm Oil. We love them and so do our customers.

From £1.99 inc. VAT

Clif Bar Energy Bar

When it comes to feeding your body, nothing beats real food. With a mix of wholegrains, protein and fibre, Clif Bar gives you sustained energy for your workout, your workday or your weekend adventure.

From £1.79 inc. VAT

Optimum Nutrition Whipped Protein Bars

The Optimum Nutrition Whipped bar is the perfect balance of high protein and great taste! A delicious, soft and whipped base is topped with layers of crispies and caramel, and enrobed in real milk chocolate coating for an unrivalled taste experience. Protein bars aren’t supposed to taste this good.

From £2.50 inc. VAT