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RockTape H20 Kinesiology Tape

The RockTape H20 Kinesiology Tape has been made to the exact same standards as the standard Rocktape, but with twice as much glue for ultimate hold power in the toughest conditions. This tape was originally designed with swimmers and watersports enthusiasts in mind, but it's also great for taping those trickier areas like the foot, ankle or hand. The adhesive is still hypoallergenic, however is a lot stickier than the regular version so removing it may be a little more painful and leave less hair behind!

From £10.98 ex. VAT

RockTape Kinesiology Tape

The RockTape Kinesiology Tape is a premium tape that features a tighter weave, greater elasticity and stronger adhesive than most other tapes on the market. The tighter weave offers more enhanced support for working muscles/joints and the elasticity promotes snap-back, helping muscles contract and relax more efficiently. The stronger adhesive then allows the tape to stay on longer, even under the toughest conditions. This makes it an ideal athletic tape for high performance athletes and those competing in extreme sports.

From £10.98 ex. VAT