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15m Towline


A 15m towline that is ideal for sea kayaking. It can mount either ont he waist or on the kayak deck. Internally there is a 15m length of rope, the rope attaches to the kayak being towed via a marine grade stainless steel clip. Adjacent to the clip there is also a small float. Where the rope attaches to the belt there is a shock cord dampner, this will help enhance comfort to the paddler wearing the unit. The towline itself is secured in a neat cordura pouch that features a mesh bottom for better drainage.General Features -------------------- Bag Cordura Construction for durability Mesh base for quick draining Reflective Detailing for enhanced night time visibility -------------------- Towing System 15m in Length Marine Grade Stainless Steel Towing Clip Integrated Dampener for added comfort Donut Float to help it float -------------------- Mounting Options Waist Mountable Deck Mountable --------------------

£50.00 ex. VAT £43.65 ex. VAT

58K Kayak


The 58K is a versatile compass that's ideal for sea kayaking. This kayak compass is easy to secure and remove from your boat. This is the number one choice for paddlers who have more than one boat. The main compass unit incorporates a flat bottom and then features 4 bungee cord straps. The flat base ensures it will sit perfectly on the deck of most boats while the bungee straps make it easy to secure to your kayak deck lines. On the globe there is then a small yellow marker line that will help you to track your bearings more efficiently.

£52.49 ex. VAT £46.09 ex. VAT

5m Towline


Design for inland use, allows tired paddlers to be helped or kit collected.Waist mounted ripstop Cordura bum bag with rubber mesh quick draining base and reflective stripe 6 mm floating Polypropylene rope with clip / float Elasticated shock cord dampener to make towing smooth and comfy All fittings are made from marine grade 316 Stainless Steel including waist anchor D ring, rope length clip and boat clip.

£41.67 ex. VAT £36.37 ex. VAT



The Silva 70P is designed for mounting on to sea kayaks that have got the moudled in recess at the front of the boat. This sea kayaking compass is easy and clear to read. It will then rotate and tilt to maintain an accurate bearing as the kayak tips and turns. The 70P is easily retro fitted into a kayak simply by 4 screws that locate in each corner of the unit. General Features -------------------- Red "N" for North Clear White Lettering and Numbering Glass Globe with yellow bearing marker line Retro fits to many sea kayaks. Comes with fitting screws Comes with fitting plan --------------------

£74.99 ex. VAT £65.85 ex. VAT

Aleut II

From £3,211.42 ex. VAT

Aleutian Deck Bag

From £108.37 ex. VAT


From £2,690.97 ex. VAT

Athena 2 Piece Bent Shaft

From £401.71 ex. VAT

Athena 2 Piece Straight Shaft

From £325.89 ex. VAT

Atlantic RM

From £1,166.45 ex. VAT

Biwok Evo Hi-Luxe Skeg

From £1,279.17 ex. VAT



£12.50 ex. VAT £10.91 ex. VAT

Boat Stand

From £85.15 ex. VAT

Caddy Trolley


£66.67 ex. VAT £58.12 ex. VAT

Camano 2 Piece Bent Shaft

From £318.31 ex. VAT

Camano 2 Piece Straight Shaft

From £227.36 ex. VAT