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Palm Rocket Kid's Jacket

The Palm Rocket Kid's Jacket is a semi dry kayak cag for junior paddlers. This is a great piece of children’s kayak clothing and is well suited to be used with the Palm Rocket Kid's Pants. The Rocket Kid's jacket features a 2 layer fabric construction which is also articulated to give the best levels of freedom and flexibility. It offer good levels of protection from the wind and the rain and also incorporates basic breathabilty to prevent you getting sweaty. There is a double waist system, a single neoprene cone neck seal and also twin latex and neoprene wrist seals. This is a great kayak cag that is perfect for whitewater kayaking.

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Palm Vertigo Jacket

The Palm Vertigo, an entry level kayaking cag that is also classed as a semi dry kayak cag. The Palm Vertgio is ideal for giving basic levels of protection against the water, wind and the rain whilst out whitewater kayaking. The semi dry kayak cag features a double waist seal. The inner layer is the regualr frabric which is the same as the cag, whilst the outer layer is a dual adjustable neoprene. The adjustment is achieved by a Velcro Closure. This will works in conjunstion with a kayak spraydeck and or kayak dry trosuers. It also incorproates a single neoprene cone neck seal for comfort. The wrists then feature a double design. The inside incoprorates a latex rubebr seal, which is tight and will keep most of the water out. Whilst on the outside there is an adjustable neoprene outer cuff, the neoprene offers additional warmth and enhanced comfort and added protection to the latex. The adjustment on the wrist then comes from a Velcro closure.

From £109.74 inc. VAT

Palm Zenith Jacket

The Palm Zenith Jacket is a semi dry kayak top that is perfect for whitewater kayaking. This is particularly well suited for alpine kayaking trips. This kayaking jacket is waterproof and breathable and will keep you comfortable on those cold days. The Zenith Jacket is also ideal and well suited for kayak surfing, due to the comfortable neoprene come neck seal. Many kayakers find the neoprene cone neck more comfortable than a latex gasket in a salt water environment. The rest of the jacket features a 2.5 layer fabric construction. It also incorporates a double waists system to create an enhanced seal with a kayak spraydeck. The wrist seals have a latex gasket, combined with a neoprene cone for comfort. The double waist is perfect for creating a seal with a kayak spraydeck.

From £160.04 inc. VAT