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RTM Automatic Water Stoppers

The RTM Automatic Water Stoppers are intelligent, innovative and practical, the self-draining plug allows the water in the cockpit of the sit-on-top to drain while preventing water from rising through the drain wells.

From £20.59 inc. VAT

RTM Flush Mount Rod Holder


The RTM Flush Mount Rod Holder is supplied with a gasket and cover, plus a self-drilling 42mm diameter screw.

£19.00 inc. VAT £17.00 inc. VAT

RTM Makao Comfort

The RTM Makao Comfort is a single seat sit-on-top kayak that's fun and easy to paddle. It's perfect for paddling around the bay, playing in the surf or even exploring your local lake. The Makao has a very simple but modern design, featuring a self-bailing hull for the best levels of kayak safety, plus a comfortable seat that includes a fold-down backrest. There are also two areas of storage, a centre kayak hatch and a rear tank well.

From £627.26 inc. VAT

RTM Ocean Duo

The RTM Ocean Duo is a tandem sit-on-top kayak that's equally suited for solo paddlers or families of 3. With a self bailing hull system, this kayak offers some of the best levels of safety. In the event of a capsize you can simply flip the boat over, climb back on and carry on with your journey. The Ocean Duo comes with full length side safety ropes, multiple grab handles and two paddle parks. There are also multiple luggage straps which are ideal for securing items such as a kayak dry bag.

From £826.62 inc. VAT

RTM Ocean Quatro


The RTM Ocean Quatro is a large Sit on Top Kayak with space for up to 2 adults and 2 children onboard. The Ocean Quatro is a great choice for both families or rental operations due to it's impressive load-carrying capacity. With ample storage, spacious seating, and excellent stability, the Quatro will make you- and your family- feel at home on flat water, lakes, and the ocean.

£935.00 inc. VAT £909.29 inc. VAT