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Solo Stove

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Solo Stove Solo Stove


The Solo Stove is a great lightweight bushcraft stove, that comes with its ownn storage bag. This wood burning camping stove is a small compact package and comprises two different parts. The base unit which holds the fire and then the upper level which is the pot support. The lower section featrues double wall and also a mesh grid to support the fire. This enhances airflow for a better fire. The upper part suports the pot, its also sized perfectly to fit onto the lower section. This bushcraft stove is easily fueled by sticks and twigs you find on the floor.

£90.00 inc. VAT

Solo Stove Solo Stove Campfire


Before Campfire, it was granola bars and prepackaged snacks. Prepare for a camping menu upgrade. Roast s’mores and hot dogs or even make hearty chili. This efficient stove will satisfy your group of 4+ people. It fires up quickly with only sticks and twigs for an evening fire at the campsite or in the backyard.

£145.00 inc. VAT £135.25 inc. VAT

Solo Stove Solo Stove Windscreen


Even when the wind is blowing, you can still enjoy cooking on your Solo Stove. Windscreen is the ultra portable solution to protecting your camp stove’s flame. The folding, eight-panel design lets you configure it to the right shape.

£25.00 inc. VAT