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Thule Rapid System 754


The Thule Rapid System 754 can be used with all variations of Thule roof bars and is designed to fit cars with normal roofs without fixed mounting points. The Rapid System 754 comes with an integrated AcuTight Tensioning Tool which indicates when the rack is safely and properly attached to vehicle.

£110.00 inc. VAT £106.98 inc. VAT

Thule Rapid System 751


A smart, universal roof rack foot for cars with pre-installed fixation points.

£115.00 inc. VAT

Thule Rapid System 753


The Thule Rapid System 753 is a robust roof rack that keeps a low profile on the car roof. It's designed for vehicles with fixed roof rack mounting points. It has a smart fixation system with automatic locking to the roof bar.

£115.00 inc. VAT

Thule Kayak Stacker


The Thule Kayak Stacker comes supplied as a pair, they also come complete with a set of roof rack kayak straps to help secure your kayak. For the regular paddler, these are a great choice as they also fold flat when not in use.

£107.00 inc. VAT

Thule Hullavator Pro


The Thule Hullavator Pro is the ultimate kayak loading system. This kayak load assist will make for really easy and effortless loading at the end of a long days sea kayaking. Please note that the Thule Hullavator will only work with the Thule ProBars. If you don't already own these, check out our Thule Hullavator Pro.

£720.00 inc. VAT

Thule ProRide SquareBar Adapter


The Thule ProRide SqaureBar adapter is one of many very handy roof rack accessories. This Thule bike rack adapter is a great way to connect your ProRide Cycle carrier to the more traditional style Thule SquareBars.

£9.00 inc. VAT

Thule Carbon Frame Protector


The Thule Carbon Frame protector does what is says. It offers additional protection to your carbon bike frame. It is made from a soft TPE rubber and will easily fit any frame shape or frame geometry. It also helps to spread the pressure / load of the bike rack as it clamps around the frame.

£24.00 inc. VAT

Thule ProRide Fatbike Adapter


The Thule ProRide Fatbike Adapter will enable you to carry a bike with wheels between 3-5" in width. This is easy to retro fit to the Thule ProRide and they are supplied as a pair. This Thule bike rack part comes complete with the securing straps that will also keep the bike firmly on place.

£35.00 inc. VAT