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Palm Maverick G1 2-Piece Paddle


The Palm Maverick G1 2-Piece kayak paddle is a great consideration when you’re going on lots of kayaking adventures. These split kayak paddles will come apart into two pieces; they are easily controlled by a small press button. This split kayak paddle is perfect for keeping in the back of your kayak whilst on kayaking expeditions, In the event of a capsize if you loose your regular kayak paddle you can simply carry on. The Palm Maverick G1 features a polypropylene paddle blade which is reinforced with glass fibre, these paddle blades are then mounted on a fiberglass paddle shaft.

£105.00 inc. VAT £96.80 inc. VAT

Palm Maverick G1 4-Piece Paddle


The Palm Maverick G1 4-Piece is the perfect emergency kayak paddle whilst out on your whitewater kayaking adventures. This split kayak paddles breaks down to four pieces; they are easily stored in even the shortest of river running kayaks. In the event of capsizing, if you let go of your regular kayak paddle and it carries on without you. Don’t despair, as this split kayak paddle will keep you moving onwards. The Palm Maverick G1 4-piece features a polypropylene paddle blade which has been reinforced with glass fibre, the paddle blades are then mounted on a fiberglass paddle shaft. This split kayak paddle will also break down into 4 pieces. The split system is controlled by three small press buttons which is easy to operate even in the coldest of conditions.

£140.00 inc. VAT £128.81 inc. VAT

Werner Powerhouse 4 Piece Straight Shaft

The Werner Powerhouse 4 Piece Straight Shaft, a whitewater 4 piece kayak paddle that is designed to perform to the highest possible standards. This 4 piece kayak paddle also falls into the banner of kayaking safety gear, as it can be stowed in the rear of your kayak with ease. A split kayak paddle is essential whilst whitewater kayaking, as if you let go of your paddle after capsizing you still need to be able to get off the river safely. The Werner Powerhouse features a fiberglass paddle shaft; these are then fitted with a pair of asymmetric fiberglass paddle blades. The paddle shaft has a central joint and then two further joints adjacent to the blades.

From £325.93 inc. VAT