Established in 1977
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Eckla Boat Stand

From £113.26 inc. VAT

Eckla Foldable Uprights

From £80.22 inc. VAT

Eckla Inner Tube

From £6.72 inc. VAT

Eckla Spare Wheel

From £24.01 inc. VAT

Eckla Aero Bar Adapter


The Eckla aero bar adapter is supplied as a pair, they are designed to work with the Thule WingBar, ProBar, SlideBar and also the Zoelzer Rapid Bar. They will easily slide into the t-track system and then allow water sports racks to be fitted to the cross bars. These T-track adapters will work with rack systems such as the Eckla Uprights, Eckla J Bars, Palm Upright bars and also the Palm J Bars. General Features -------------------- Supplied as a pair These work well with: - Eckla Uprights - Eckla J Bars - Eckla Split V Bars - Palm Upright bars - Palm J Bars These will fit - Thule WingBar - Thule ProBar - Thule SlideBar - Zoelzer Rapid Bars -------------------- Length - 10cm Width - 4cm Depth - 3cm --------------------

£13.00 inc. VAT £12.26 inc. VAT

Eckla Axle Pin


The Eckla Axle Pin is the retaining pin to keep your trolleys wheels in place. Keep a spare - your trolley is useless without!

£1.00 inc. VAT £0.95 inc. VAT

Eckla Beach Rolly


The Eckla beach rolly is the essential must have for all family beach holidays. This folding beach trolley is ideal for taking all you need from the car to your chosen location on your favourite beach. When you then arrive it also doubles up as a deck chair. It features an aluminium frame that easily fold flats for transport and the wheel are easily removed making it easy to store.

£139.99 inc. VAT £132.13 inc. VAT
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