Established in 1977
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Whetman Equipment

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Whetman Equipment Sea Contact Tow MKII


The Whetman Equipment Sea Contact Tow MKII Line. A versatile sea kayak towline system that comes with the unique custom made Whetman Kraken. This kayak towline is ideal when you only need short lengths for use in emergency and close proximity situations. There is a karabiner on each end of the system and it features a stainless quick release in the centre if you need to detach yourself. The unit is also made in two colour's so it’s easy to identify which part / end you are using. Check out the video for further info on the Whetman Equipment Sea Contact Line!

£44.95 inc. VAT £40.02 inc. VAT

Whetman Equipment Tiger Tail


The Whetman Equipment TigerTail comprises of a Bait Ring sewn into a 2m length of webbing with a breaking strength of 10kN.Bait Ring 2m Webbing Bait Ring 25kN Webbing 10kN

£16.96 inc. VAT £15.30 inc. VAT

Whetman Equipment Wizards Sleeve


The Whetman Equipment Wizards Sleeve is a piece of kayak safety kit that's great when you need extra reach. The Whetman Wizards Sleeve easily secures around your paddle blade, it has a small eyelet for a kayaking carabiner and this can then be used to easily clip things. With the addition of the Whetman krab stick, this makes for really easy river rescues. The wizards sleeve is secured by Velcro and will pack up nice and small so its easy to store. General Features -------------------- Easy and simple to use Secured via Velcro Wide range of adjustment Kayaking Karabiner eyelet 40mm Webbing Works well in conjunction with - Whetman Krab Stick - Whetman HMS Paddle Crab - Whetman HMS Screwgate Crab --------------------

£9.95 inc. VAT £8.88 inc. VAT
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