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Petzl Jane

The Petzl's Jane uses dynamic rope and two sewn terminations but is stronger and less obstructive than a knotted lanyard. It can be combined with an Absorbica energy absorber to set up an energy-absorbing «I» or «Y» lanyard with a maximum length of two meters. The sewn ends are protected by a plastic sheath to hold the connector in place and protect the terminations from abrasion.

From £18.62 inc. VAT

Petzl Grillon

The Petzl Grillon is an adjustable work positioning lanyard that allows fine adjustment of position from an anchor. Its length can be very easily and precisely adjusted as necessary for comfortable positioning at the work station. Depending on the configuration, it can be used in single or double mode.

From £121.32 inc. VAT

Lyon Rope Lanyard

Available in a choice of colours and with lengths up to a maximum of 1.75m metres, these robust lanyards will provide a tough alternative to more traditional webbing versions. They are sure to find uses in every industry from adventure parks to powered access, rope rescue to renewable energy.

From £15.64 inc. VAT

Petzl Zillon

The Petzl Zillon is an adjustable work positioning lanyard for tree care. It's designed to be used in double mode on the harness side attachment points, or in single mode on the ventral attachment point with the hand on the free end.

From £164.96 inc. VAT

Petzl Grillon Hook

The Petzl Grillon Hook is an adjustable working positioning lanyard with a Hook connector, it is used to make work positioning systems, to complement a fall-arrest system. The length of the lanyard is precise and easy to adjust as necessary for comfortable positioning at the work station.

From £134.10 inc. VAT