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Sealect Designs Camcleat Midi IM Nylon


A camcleat that you may need to replace a broken one or maybe use as a start to a fishing sit on top anchor system.Injection Moulded Nylon Construction. Minimum Size cord is 3mm. Maximum size cord is 6mm. -------------------- Technical Data for Sizing:- A - 2-7/8" B - 2-1/8" C - 3/4"

£6.67 inc. VAT £5.48 inc. VAT

Sealect Designs Camcleat Mini IM Nylon


A camcleat that is ideal as part of a kayaking fishing anchor system. Technical Data on Sizing:- A - 2-1/16" B - 1-7/16" C - 5/8"

£5.34 inc. VAT £4.49 inc. VAT

Sealect Designs Deck Line Guide Slotted Round


£7.00 inc. VAT £6.23 inc. VAT

Sealect Designs Deck Plate Bag w/Stainless Steel Ring


The Sealect designs kayak hatch bag is perfect for preventing all your items running off into the far ends of your kayak. This kayak hatch bag is made from nylon and features a stainless steel ring. You simply drop it in to the screw out deck pate and the steel ring then supports it.General Features -------------------- Nylon Bag Stainless Steel Ring in the top -------------------- 6" Hatch Bag Dimensions A - 6" B - 10" --------------------

£21.62 inc. VAT £14.95 inc. VAT

Sealect Designs Pad Eye 3/8" Im Nylon


The Sealect Designs pad eyes are supplied in a packet of 6 units. They are made from injection moulded nylon and are easy to secure to your kayak, they don’t however come with fittings.General Features -------------------- Supplied as a packet of 6 units NOT supplied with fittings Ideal for securing with self tapping screws Nylon Construction -------------------- Dimensions A - 3/8" B - 1/2" C - 1 3/8" --------------------

£2.99 inc. VAT £2.66 inc. VAT

Sealect Designs Rod Holder Gasket


The Sealect Designs Rod Holder gasket is great from two aspects. Firstly it works as a template when it comes to cutting the correct shaped hole in your kayak. Secondly having cut the hole in the kayak this will help to create a good seal between your kayak and the kayak rod holder. General Features -------------------- Can be used as a template when cutting the hole. Once the hole is cut it can be used as a finishing trim and a seal

£6.49 inc. VAT £5.78 inc. VAT

Sealect Designs Rod Holder Gasket with Cap


Rod Holder Gasket with Cap

£6.49 inc. VAT £5.78 inc. VAT