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Aqua-Bound Paddles


Welcome to the Aqua-Bound Paddles brand page for

Up and Under is the largest Aquabound Paddles stockist here in the UK. We are based in Cardiff, South Wales and are located 10 mins of the M4 Motorway. We are easy to find when your on your way to the Gower Peninulsar or West Wales for your weekend Sea Kayaking trips.

Aquabound Paddles have a wide comprehensive range of paddles that cover a number of different elements of paddle sport. Whether you are after a paddle for Sea Kayaking, Whitewater Kayaking, packrafting or Stand Up Paddle Boarding they will have something to suit. The main offerings that we have here at Up and Under are their Sea Kayaking Paddles.

Aqua-Bound Paddles are very proud to be part of the same family as Bending Branches Canoe Paddles.


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Aqua-Bound Manta Ray Carbon 2-Piece Posi-Lok

The Aqua-Bound Manta Ray Carbon, a high angle kayak paddle that is suitable for sea kayaking and kayak touring. This split kayak paddle features a split shaft, so it can also be used as a spare kayak paddle for longer trips, it can then be easily stored on the deck of your sea kayak. This high angle kayak paddle features a carbon reinforced nylon blade, this is then mounted on a 100% carbon paddle shaft. The centre of the paddle shaft then incorporates the Aqua-Bound Posi-Lok split connector. This paddle split connector enables the Manta ray to be changed from a right hand kayak paddle to a left hand kayak paddle. The kayak paddle feathering angle can also be changed from 0 degrees through to 75% at 15 degree increments. This sea kayak paddle also comes fitted with kayak drip rings, these are great for stopping he water from running off the paddle blade and down the shaft.

From £170.83 ex. VAT

Aqua-Bound Manta Ray Hybrid 2-Piece Posi-Lok

The Aqua-Bound Manta Ray Hybrid, a 2 piece sea kayak paddle that features a fiberglass reinforced blade which is then mounted on a 100% carbon paddle shaft. These split sea kayak paddles also feature the Aqua-Bound posi-lock joint system. This enables you to split your kayak touring paddle into 2 different pieces for ease of transport and storage. The split paddle joint can then be used in a variety of different configurations. You can choose between left or right handed, you can also use it at a number of different feather angles that include 0 degrees through to 75 degrees in 15 degree increments. These sea kayak paddles also include a set of kayak drip rings to prevent the water from running off the blade onto the paddle shaft.

From £129.17 ex. VAT

Aqua-Bound Sting Ray Hybrid 2-Piece Versa-Lok

The Aqua-Bound Sting Ray Hybrid 2-Piece Versa-Lok paddle features their most favored blade design for calm waters. The Sting Ray Hybrid provides a snug, precision fit and dependable performance, along with a high-quality adjustable length ferrule.

From £179.16 ex. VAT

Aqua-Bound Whiskey Fiberglass 2-Piece Crank Shaft

The Aqua-Bound Whiskey Fiberglass 2-Piece Crank Shaft Paddle features high-angled horsepower and the smoothest stroke, whilst the fibreglass makes day trip less fatiguing.

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