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Aquapac Classic Camera Case

The Aquapac Classic Camera Case offers rain and wet weather protection for electronic devices such as your camera. This one is great for those cameras with mini hard lenses, it enables you to safely use you camera on a boat, rainy days, underwater or on the beach. Perfect protection!

From £20.79 ex. VAT

Aquapac Classic Phone Case

The Aquapac Classic Phone Case is a completely waterproof, submersible bag, big enough to protect valuables, phones at the beach, on the boat, or on the trail. Sold as 100% waterproof and submergible to depths of 5m for 30 minutes. Perfect to keep your mobile devices safe whilst anywhere with a risk of water damaging them. With removable lanyard to help keep it secure in hand.

From £16.33 ex. VAT

Aquapac VHF Classic Case

Rain and Wet Weather Protection for a Radio Device. Fits most hand held radios, and enables you to use it come rain or shine

From £23.02 ex. VAT

Aquapac Keymaster


The Aquapac Keymaster, as the name suggests in a rather theatrical way, is a waterproof baggie for your keys. Also suitable for smaller mp3 players and minuscule phones, so even better than the name implies.

£14.17 ex. VAT £12.62 ex. VAT