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Beaton's Midge Jacket

Want to know how to stop midges biting? The Beaton's Midge Jacket is just the job to stop those pesky midges in their tracks. Recommended by the Forestry Commission as the best type of midge protection available, get one for keeping your sanity against the Scottish midge or for any UK midges or mosquitoes. The jacket allows youto continue to enjoy your outdoor activity even when they are at their worst.

From £22.62 inc. VAT

Beaton's Midge Mittens

Provide Midge and Bug Hand Protection. Fitted with a separate thumb space. Can be tucked into the cuff of a jacket. Tight fitting around the wrist to ensure midges cannot reach that area. Perfect if going to midge of bug/ insect infested areas.

From £4.52 inc. VAT