Established in 1977
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Blue Ice

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Blue Ice Bluebird Ice Axe

From £116.18 inc. VAT

Blue Ice Choucas MKIII

From £53.63 inc. VAT

Blue Ice Boa Leash


Lightweight Leash System for Difficult or Challenging Alpine Climbing Routes. Means you do not drop your tools, connects them directly to your harnessTwo different colors for left and right Possibilities for tool attachment over the blade or with a carabiner Strength: 2 kN Weight: 50 g the pair

£22.00 inc. VAT £19.67 inc. VAT

Blue Ice Press The Art of Ice Climbing


The Art of Ice Climbing by Jerome Blanc-Gras and Manu Ibarra. Beautifully crafted winter climbing book providing history, techniques, equipment and guru testimonies.

£35.00 inc. VAT £28.98 inc. VAT