Established in 1977
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Buffalo Belay Jacket

The Buffalo Belay Jacket is a lightweight, full-zip jacket that's regularly used by military personnel, police, mountain rescue teams and outdoor professionals in cold weather situations. Perfect for winter mountaineering adventures and a multitude of other uses, the Belay Jacket features a Pertex Quantum shell and AquaTherm pile lining, making it windproof up to 50mph. The Belay Jacket is compatible with the Buffalo DP Hood.

From £179.60 ex. VAT

Buffalo DP Hood

The Buffalo DP Hood is a pile and Pertex hood, with variable fit. Snorkelled face to keep out rain and spindrift and face piece to protect the nose and mouth. Fits to any of the jackets or shirts in the range. The DP Hood from Buffalo Systems is a classic, it keeps the wearer warm and dry thanks to the Pile and Pertex combination. Fits all DP System clothing.

From £41.35 ex. VAT

Buffalo Mitts

Very simple Pertex and pile mitts designed with a fairly narrow cut. These are very sensitive to work with and take up very little space in your sack. Windproof and warm.

From £50.26 ex. VAT

Buffalo Special 6 Shirt

Buffalo Special 6 Shirt is a pile and Pertex classic pull-on jacket developed in partnership with the UK Special Forces. Windproof to 50mph, use it for Military, Mountain Rescue, high level winter hill walking, trekking, winter climbing, and general outdoor activities.

From £189.77 ex. VAT