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Venture Afon Cruiser CL

From £1,316.39 ex. VAT

Venture Alloy Hanger & Fittings

The Venture alloy hanger offers a simple solution to suspending the wood seat in your Canadian Canoe. It simply bolts through the ends of the seat and then through the gunnel. The set comes with 2 hangers and the canoe seat hanger bolts which include the bolts, nuts and washers. It come’s pre-drilled with the holes so all you need to do is drill the holes in the seat and maybe the gunnels, so it all lines up correctly.

From £16.28 ex. VAT

Venture Ash Kneeling Thwart


£39.96 ex. VAT £37.25 ex. VAT

Venture End Deck

The Venture End Deck is available in two sizes and they are sold as single units. The one size fits models Venture Canoes such as the ranger, while the second size of deck plate fits other models in their range such as the Venture Prospector. They are easy to fit and are easily secured on with rivets.

From £30.92 ex. VAT

Venture Flex Fit 4

The Venture Kayaks Flex 11 is a recreational touring kayak that's ideal for taking to the water for the first time. It's a great option for exploring your local waterway, whether it’s cruising along your local canal or round the lake, the Flex 11 will do it all. Featuring a large easy access cockpit, a padded seat and an adjustable footrest. The rear of the kayak then has an oval kayak storage hatch and a retractable skeg for enhanced directional stability.

From £574.17 ex. VAT

Venture Prospector 155 Cruiser CL

From £1,162.93 ex. VAT

Venture Prospector 165 Cruiser CL

From £1,201.29 ex. VAT
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