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Climbing Technology

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Climbing Technology Alpine Up Kit

The Climbing Technology Alpine Up Kit is the most complete and versatile belay / rappel device ever produced. It has been developed especially for mountaineering and it can be used with half, twin and single ropes. Extremely advantageous, it allows self-locking abseiling and it can be used in three different belay modes, depending on the terrain.

From £76.32 inc. VAT

Climbing Technology Ascent Harness

The Climbing Technology Ascent is a great all purpose harness, but it is particularly suited to trad and winter climbing. Broad padded waist and leg loops spread the load and give amazing comfort and support.

From £48.97 inc. VAT

Climbing Technology Click Up+

The Climbing Technology Click Up Plus is an evolution of the tried tested and well loved Click Up belay device and allows traditional belaying techniques to be used (as you would employ with a Bug, ATC etc.) but with the additional safety feature of assisted breaking. Designed specifically for indoor and sport climbing, it works for top roping and lead belaying on dynamic single ropes of 8.5mm to 11mm diameter.

From £71.83 inc. VAT

Climbing Technology Kayak Karabiner


Light alloy carabiner with large size, designed for the belaying of the paddle and the recovery of the kayak. Usable as a large tool holder.

£10.00 inc. VAT £8.98 inc. VAT

Climbing Technology Quick Step A

The Climbing Technology Quick Step A is an ascender for the right or left foot, when used in conjunction with an ascender handle (e.g. QUICK’UP+ or QUICK’ARBOR H) or a chest ascender (e.g. CHEST ASCENDER HC), makes it easier and speeds up the ascent of a rope.

From £43.10 inc. VAT

Climbing Technology Quick'Up+

The Climbing Technology Quick'Up+ is a left or right-hand light alloy ascender handle with ergonomic rubber grip for climbing ropes.

From £43.10 inc. VAT

Climbing Technology Ascender Simple +


The Ascender Simple + is a right hand rope clamp for ascending, hauling, and rescuing. The lever can be opened using one hand making installation and removal from the rope quick and easy. The cam is made of steel to be resistant to wear, yet the main body is an aluminium alloy to keep the device lighter in weight.

£45.00 inc. VAT £40.40 inc. VAT
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