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Crux AK37 RT

The Crux 3G AK37 RT is an incredibly tough, yet lightweight rucksack made from a 40% Kevlar® and 60% Cordura® composition with a minimalist waterproof design. So you don't need an extra waterproof bag liner which adds weight and annoyance. With very few seams and composed with 40% Kevlar, this pack is likely to last you for ages and will thrive where most normal rucksacks will perish.

From £221.89 ex. VAT

Crux AK37 -X RT

The AK37-X RT is a long-awaited addition to the Crux AK line. It is identical to the AK37, but has a floating/removable lid instead of a fixed one which adds 3-5 litres of additional capacity. It otherwise shares the distinguishing characteristics of the AK range - a 40% Kevlar® / 60% Cordura® fabric with a highly waterproof TPU lamination and a fully welded construction. A top-loading style, it features a roll-top closing system under the hood for complete waterproofness.

From £244.17 ex. VAT

Crux AK47 RT

The Crux AK47 RT is a super-tough rucksack that utilises a Kevlar-based fabric construction whilst weighing in at just under 1.2kg. This means it's it's built to withstand the knocks and scrapes of demanding climbs, but it won't slow you down. Hence the Crux 3G AK47 RT is a must have pack for the discerning Alpinist.

From £273.87 ex. VAT

Crux AK47-X RT

The Crux 3G AK47-X RT has most of the same great features as the Crux 3G AK47 RT, but with an added floating removable lid and a roll top closure under the hood. Perfect for when you have to huff in huge loads to a camp and then need to strip the sack back down to minimise weight - or when you want to ditch the lid but still have a waterproof rucksack without need for a liner.

From £296.14 ex. VAT

Crux AK57-X RT

The Crux 3G AK57 RT takes the classic AK57 and gives it a fully waterproof body using welded seams, Kevlar fabric and a roll-top closure. The extendable floating lid allows an extra 5 litres space to put ropes etc when quick access may be necessary or your kit is frozen stiff and won't go back in your pack.

From £333.27 ex. VAT

Crux AK70 RT

The AK70 is a large expedition pack suitable for climbs in the Greater Ranges. It can manage a heavy payload of 28–35 kgs in tolerable comfort, but still remains light enough to be used for a summit push. Its large volume is ideal for stuffing bulky, frozen gear into. As well as being remarkably light for such a capacious pack, the AK70 is substantial enough to impart a feeling of solidity and security.

From £370.39 ex. VAT

Crux Pyro Jacket

The awesome Crux Pyro Jacket has been tweaked for spring 2019. The hood design has been changed so that it will go over a climbing helmet and has a mini wired peak, the outer fabric is water-resistant to 1000mm and there is 180g of 850 EU / 915 US fill power Polish Goose Down. And was it worth it? You bet ya.

From £249.99 ex. VAT

Crux Torpedo 500

The Crux Torpedo 500 is a waterproof sleeping bag that will make sure you sleep through the night on demanding trips. It uses the best quality, ethically sourced 850 fill down available to achieve superior warmth to weight ratio. This means that the bag is compressible and lightweight enough to carry in your pack on arduous climbs and trips. It has a comfort rating of 0C and lower limit of -6C (EN13537), meaning you can sleep in it anywhere, whether that be in a tent, snow hole, or ledge.

From £518.89 ex. VAT
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