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Grivel Air Tech Evo


The Grivel Air Tech Evo is a technical 12-point crampon, suitable for routes with rock and ice, glacier walking and technical mountaineering. It has 12 short steel points, 8 of which are front and 4 rear. The position of the points is designed to keep the foot steady during ascents, descents and traverses. It adapts to any type of boot thanks to the regulation bar in the middle, we have chosen to range the New Matic Evo binding with the nylon basket at the front and the clip in heel for use on stiff B2 to B3 mountain boots for fast secure use.

£140.00 inc. VAT £125.57 inc. VAT

Grivel Anti-balling Plates

From £32.29 inc. VAT

Grivel Axe Guard


The Grivel Axe Guard is a plastic accessory created to cover the tip of the blade and the adze of the ice axe. It serves as protection from the sharp parts for the backpack and its contents. Also adaptable to ice axes with a hammer.

£7.00 inc. VAT £6.28 inc. VAT

Grivel Daisy Chain Evo

Grivel's new daisy chain has a chain-link construction with  loops that are all individually rated to 23kN as oppose to 2kN on a standard daisy chain, meaning that it can be used as a cows-tail of varying lengths or even to equalise anchors at a belay. This makes it a versatile piece of kit for sport, trad, aid or big wall climbing.

From £36.77 inc. VAT

Grivel Double Spring Evo


The Grivel Double Spring Evo is the new light and minimal double elastic leash for ice axes reinvented in its style. Designed not to lose the tools during use. The insertion into the ice axes is via a simple toggle blocked by a rubber pad (without carabiner), while in the harness via a cow hitch knot. A swivel on the harness side avoids twisting and makes it smoother in use.

£55.00 inc. VAT £49.33 inc. VAT

Grivel Explorer

The Grivel Explorer micro crampon is a sturdy and compact crampon, designed to be used in slippery terrain, with snow, ice and mud. Thanks to the shape of the rubber it adapts to many types of shoes and guarantees stability on the foot. The Explorer has 14 steel points with anti-corosion treament and a back lac to facilitate the fit.

From £34.08 inc. VAT

Grivel Flex Bar


The Grivel Flex Bar is the flexible bar for crampons. Designed to give maximum comfort when walking, it is flexible and elastic, it accompanies the foot in every movement.

£11.00 inc. VAT £9.86 inc. VAT

Grivel G Zero

The Grivel G Zero is a classic mountaineering axe, for winter hill and mountain walking, glacier travel and classic Alpine Peak bagging.

From £62.78 inc. VAT