Established in 1977
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Foin D Shape Karabiner

The Foin D Shape Karabiner is a heavy-duty steel karabiner, designed with industrial access in mind.

From £9.86 inc. VAT

Foin 10mm Oval


The Foin 10mm Oval is a true oval karabiner in 10mm steel, rated to 22kn. It is ideal for use with pulleys in all except the highest loading situations. This oval connector allows it to be used with the full range of pulleys, as well as all the other standard uses for a karabiner.

£10.99 inc. VAT £9.86 inc. VAT

Foin Double Action Karabiner


The Foin Double Action Karabiner is a simple locking mechanism allowing more safety than a snap gate without the safety of a screwgate.

£37.00 inc. VAT £32.96 inc. VAT