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Trangia Billy Can

The Trangia Billy Can with Lid is compatible with the Series 25 Trangia Stoves. The Billy Can will sit on top of the pan holders while cooking and when you have finished with it all you can store the Trangia Stove inside the Billy Can to save space.

From £21.26 inc. VAT

Trangia Carrying Bag

A handy bag to keep your Trangia bag in when not in use meaning you don't lose any parts.

From £5.77 inc. VAT

Trangia Frying Pan

The Trangia Frypan is a pan that allows you to cook your favorite meal in the middle of nature, during a trip, an excursion or when you go camping! Made of aluminum, it is resistant and light, and thanks to the folding handle it is easy to carry with you anywhere.

From £8.39 inc. VAT

Trangia Fuel Bottle with Safety Valve

In durable polyethylene, with an easy pour cap and safety valve, the Fuel Bottle is essential for storing and transporting flammable fuels. Available in 0.3L, 0.5L and 1L bottles. Designed specifically for the transportation of flammable fuels and tested by TÜV to meet international standards.

From £14.63 inc. VAT

Trangia Kettle

These lightweight camp kettles have a folding handle and short spout so they can nestle neatly inside a Trangia Stove.

From £15.10 inc. VAT

Trangia Multidisc

Disc with several functions, such as colander, cutting board, base for use on snow, lid after cooking and transportation protection for frypan. Made from heat-resistant and food-contact-approved polyamide, PA66. Do not use the disc as a lid while saucepan is on the stove/heat source as it can melt in direct contact with fire.

From £7.51 inc. VAT

Trangia Plate


Plate in aluminium. The plate fits under the strap on Trangia stove 25 Large, 4 pcs fit perfectly. On Trangia stove 27 Small you can put them over the frypan.

£6.50 inc. VAT £5.77 inc. VAT

Trangia Saucepan

Replacement/extra pans for your Trangia stove.

From £7.12 inc. VAT
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