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Trail Running Shoe Fitting Specialist and Running Vest Fitting Service

As the Trail Running Shop in Cardiff with over 40 years of experience fitting running shoes to customers, we have staff here that trail run and are trail running shoe fitting trained 7 days a week. So there's no need to make an appointment, just ask for Elan, David, Ally, Jim or Chris. We can all advise across our trail, fell and ultra running range and have skills in fitting race vests (hydration vests) and running poles.

We select the trail running shoe models that we stock and they are therefore the models that we choose to run in and that we think will suit our customrers needs and the large variety of local terrain and conditions the best. We work very closely with Run, Walk, Crawl the South Wales based trail and ultra running events company who also advise our range selection. So you can choose from our choice of trail and fell runinng shoes from reknowned brands such as Boreal, Inov8, La Sportiva, Scarpa and VJ. They all offer multiple lasts to cater for most foot shapes, a variety of levels of sensitivity, lug types, stack heights and drops to suit whatever your needs.

Whilst we attempt to cater for all foot shapes with our trail running shoe fitting service we are especially proud of our range of trail running shoes for wide feet.

We carry trail running socks, supports and footbeds that can provide specific fits and help support from flat to highly arched feet and help relieve, reduce or prevent the onset of Plantar Faschiitis. You can choose from an array from Bearhug (compression and support), Bridgdedale (socks), CEP (calf-compression for help with circulation), Darn Tough (super durable socks), Injinji (toe-socks), SealSkinz (waterproof socks) and Sidas insoles, heal lifts and orthotics.

Getting appropriate, correct fitting shoes and footbeds can not only help protect, cushion and support your feet, reduce the chance of blisters and hotspots, they can also help reduce knee, hip and back problems. Podiatrists regularly refer patients to us for footwear and footbed fittings and some even buy off the peg insoles and orthotics from us.

Trail Running Shoe Fittings


How do we carry out our trail running shoe fitting process

When you visit Up and Under in Cardiff our trained staff will discuss with you about the type of footwear you would prefer, the terrain that you intend to use them on, distances you plan to cover and what time of year, e.g. short runs on parkland and forestry tracks, muddy marshland runs, technical sky-running, coastal ultra-marathons, multi-day stage races over the fells and all stops in between. They will also ask if you have any pre-existing foot, knee or hip issues or concerns, or if you use orthotics. If you do use orthotics please bring them along with you, we prefer full length orthotics to half or 3/4 but can work with the latter two when neccessary.

We then measure each foots length and width, taking note of their volume, fore-foot shape and heal shape. Combining this with the knowledge of any issues we can carry out a pressure and arch analysis to assess any specific support requirements or the benefits that our range of footbeds could provide.

Then the fun begins, its fitting time, where we get to see what works for you. We have ramps and steps for your to test going uphill, downhill and contouring slopes. We will also cover whats best to help keep your feet and footwear in tip top condition. And can discuss the benefits of debris gaiters and running poles as part of your armoury for looking after your feet and legs. All in all this can take some time so its worth visiting us with a couple of hours of available time. 

Once you have made your decision and decide to buy your footwear the trial process still isn't over. We like people to take their shoes, footbeds, socks, etc. home and try them around the house (and with socks that you may already have) for a few days before going outside. If you have any doubts or concerns before you go outside with them, then you can come back and discuss further / change your mind.


Race Vest Fitting Service, Cardiff, South Wales

How do we carry out our trail running vest fitting process

We carry a selection of Race Vests from Inov8, Montane, OMM, Raidlight and Ultimate Direction, most in different body sizes, some in gender specific fits and all in a variety of capacities. They all offer different fits, use different materials and need careful fitting and adjusting to achieve something that will carry your kit comfortably uopn your skeleton, without pressure points, squashing your internal organs or bouncing around whilst you run for up to 100 miles at a time (you don't have to go that far though). Once we've narrowed down the fit to a couple of options we can fill them out with the kind of kit you intend to carry and you can have a good trot around the store to see how they feel.

How do we carry out our running pole fitting process

We can assess your height in order to get the most appropriate length of pole and set it correctly for you. Then we can let you try a variety of grip types correctly to see what is going to suit you the best, some people prefer a simple wrist loop whilst other require releasable gauntlets or gloves of the type seen on Nordic Walking poles. All of our poles are collapsible but we offer both fixed length poles and length adjustable poles to suit your needs. We can help you learnt the quickest ways to put your poles into action and the different storage options that your pack or race vest can provide, whether they are from Black Diamond, Leki or Mountain King.


We look forward to seeing you soon for your trail running fitting in Cardiff.


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