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MSR Pocket Rocket 2 Mini Stove Kit


The MSR Pocket Rocket 2 Mini Stove Kit is compact, lightweight and ideal for backpacking. Solo backpackers in particular will find the small 0.75 litre pot useful. The kit comprises the powerful Pocket Rocket 2, 0.75 litre pot which is hard anodised for durability, straining lid and an ultralight mini Pot lifter. All this, plus a 125g gas canister (not included), packs away in the pot to make a really compact, neat solution. a 16 fluid Ounce BPA-free bowl also fits around the base of the pot.

£75.00 inc. VAT £66.14 inc. VAT

MSR Pocket Rocket Deluxe Stove


This alternative to the iconic Pocket Rocket 2 has some new added features making it even more practical. It has a pressure regulator that makes it ideal for all-condition environments, offering consistent fast boil times even in cold temperatures or low fuel in the canister. Only 10g heavier than its counterpart this ultralight deluxe version features the most durable Piezo Igniter and a wider burner head for better simmering.

£75.00 inc. VAT £65.12 inc. VAT

Robens Fire Beetle Stove


The Robens Fire Beetle Stove is a stable, compact free standing stove perfect for use on uneven ground. The low weight design features a robust coated stainless steel frame with a performance burner head that delivers a 3000w flame with boil/simmer control.

£38.99 inc. VAT £34.15 inc. VAT

Trangia Mini Trangia


Simple, lightweight but a great meths based stove non the less. Has a spirit burner, wind shield, lightweight pan grip, 0.8 litre aluminium pan and a non stick frying pan.

£32.00 inc. VAT £28.62 inc. VAT