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Overboard Classic Waterproof Backpack

The Overboard Classic Waterproof Backpack is great for water sports and any other activity where you need to keep your kit dry. It will effectively protect your gear from water, sand, dirt and dust. Thanks to a seamless high frequency welded construction and roll top sealing system, these backpacks are 100% waterproof and suitable for quick submersion so you can take them out on the water.

From £49.00 inc. VAT

Overboard Kayak Deck Bag

The Overboard Kayak Deck Bag is designed to sit on the front deck of your kayak and offers an additional 20 litres of storage. It also has an IP66 waterproof rating so you have the knowledge your kit will remain safe and dry. The deck bag secures to the front of your kayak via 6 straps which then secure to the existing kayak deck lines.

From £44.54 inc. VAT

Overboard Pro-Light Waterproof Sling Bag Backpack


The Overboard Pro-Light Waterproof Sling Bag Backpack has been crafted from lightweight and eco-friendly TPU materials. It features a reliable Fold Seal Systemâ„¢ for a secure seal, allowing it to withstand quick submersion and even float if accidentally dropped in the water. This gives you the freedom to fully enjoy your water adventures without worrying about your belongings.

£55.00 inc. VAT £49.00 inc. VAT

Overboard Pro-Light Waterproof Waist Pack

The Overboard Pro-Light Waterproof Waist Pack is your ideal companion for keeping your mobile phone and car keys easily accessible during your watersport excursions. You can choose from two available sizes, with options for both a 2L and a 4L version. This waist pack features a spacious main pocket that securely seals with a roll-top closure system.

From £35.64 inc. VAT