Established in 1977
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P & H Custom Sea Kayaks


Welcome to the P & H Custom Sea Kayaks brand page for

Up and Under is a P & H Kayaks Stockist, we are based in Cardiff, South Wales.

P & H Sea Kayaks is a brand that dates rigth back to 1968. When P & H first started, they estabalish a range of Canoes and Kayaks. At this time it would have been mainly Slalom Kayaks and Surf Kayaks.  In 1975 they started making a boat called the Orinoco under licence for Pyranha. Then in 1979 they produced their first selection of composite sea kayaks. The mid 1990's then saw the launch of the P & H Capella, a plastic sea kayak that many sea kayakers have all experienced in their paddling duration.       

In 2003 P & H Sea Kayaks was purchased by Pyranha Mouldings Ltd. Pyranha also own a number of other brands such as Pyranha KayaksVenture Canoes and also Venture Kayaks


P & H Custom Sea Kayaks and Pyranha Kayaks have the following mission statement.

"Made By Enthusiasts, for Enthusiasts"

"We're all paddlers ourselves, and all of our boats are designed and manufactured by us; beacuse that's all we do, you can be sure that all of our attention, knowledge, and passion for the sport go in to each and every kayak we make, so you'll get something that does more than just float!"

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P & H Aries

The P & H Aries are custom made sea kayaks. They are designed and built in the UK and are available in two different sizes for the perfect fit. They are produced in a number of different constructions so they will suit your budget and requirements. The Aries is a playful sea kayak that's ideal for exploring the bays, coves and playing along the coast. They are also suitable for longer sea kayaking expeditions. In the event that you don’t want to paddle all the way you can also add a kayak sailing rig to them.

From £2,495.83 ex. VAT

P & H Cetus

The P & H Cetus is an expedition sea kayak that is available in three different sizes, the LV, MV and HV. They are all generally built to order and come fully finished to your colour choices along with any optional added extras requested from the accessories list. The Cetus is ideal for multi day kayaking trips and with this in mind features plenty of storage hatches. It also incorporates a retractable skeg which enhances the directional stability of the kayak.

From £3,141.67 ex. VAT

P & H Decklines

Replacement 5mm Pre-Stretched Deck Lines to suit all current P&H Sea Kayaks, as well as many discontinued or third party models.

From £9.29 ex. VAT

P & H Delphin CLX

The P & H Delphin CLX is a playful sea kayak that's perfect for exploring coastlines, rock hopping and playing in the tides. Its construction is lightweight and offers enhanced levels of stiffness and durability. It's available in two sizes, that cover a wide range and will ensure a near perfect fit for most paddlers.

From £1,282.00 ex. VAT

P & H Elastics

Replacement 5mm Deck Bungees to suit all current P&H Sea Kayaks, as well as many discontinued or third party models.

From £9.29 ex. VAT

P & H Leo CLX

The P & H Leo CLX is a versatile, 3 hatch (4 hatch with optional bow mini hatch), cruising sea kayak with superb initial and progressive secondary stability, ample gear storage options, full deck lines and bungees, and an extremely comfortable cockpit with plenty of room to stretch your legs as you take on longer journeys or travel between play spots along a coastline.

From £1,487.47 ex. VAT

P & H Low Friction Skeg Line Kit

Marine grade, low friction skeg line for P&H sea kayaks, composite & Polyethylene

From £9.35 ex. VAT

P & H MKII Skeg Slider Unit


£16.63 ex. VAT £15.50 ex. VAT