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Peli Cases 1010 Microcase

The Peli 1010 is the smallest of the Micro Cases but don't be fooled - it's still waterproof, crushproof and dustproof.

From £26.09 inc. VAT

Peli Cases 1015 Microcase

Water-resistant, crushproof and dust proof, this hard case is ideal for protecting your smaller electronics such as your smart phone or camera during rugged pursuits except diving and swimming. Also comes with a small carabiner so that the case can be attached to a backpack or belt loop.

From £26.09 inc. VAT

Peli Cases 1020 Microcase

Peli cases are rigid cases for storing your valuables and protecting them from water, dirt and mechanical damage. This one is small enough to fit happily in the top pocket of your rucksack and will take a mobile phone (even an iPhone) or a small compact camera with spare batteries.

From £27.13 inc. VAT

Peli Cases 1030 Microcase

The Peli 1030 has an interior rubber liner for extra protection, which also doubles up as the o-ring seal helping to keep the case watertight (IP67). The case has an easy open latch and an automatic pressure equalisation valve so it'll always be easy to open, even after changes in air pressure.

From £29.04 inc. VAT

Peli Cases 1040 Microcase

Top protection for a compact 35mm camera and possibly a spare film and batteries. It has one clip latch on the front of the case and an automatic purge valve.

From £30.65 inc. VAT

Peli Cases 1050 Microcase

The Peli 1050 is one of the larger waterproof Micro Cases from the Peli range, with the ability to store a more bulky 35mm camera, spare film and a set of batteries.

From £32.66 inc. VAT

Peli Cases 1060 Microcase

The largest in the Micro Case range, the 1060 measures 209mm in length internally and 106mm in width. This tough little case is IP67 rated and will provide the same waterproof and dustproof protection as any other Peli. With enough capacity to carry various combinations of a small mobile and digital camera, a 35 mm camera and several films and batteries or a palm top computer.

From £36.66 inc. VAT

Peli Cases 1120 Protector Case

The 1120 is the smallest of the Protector range but is just as able! IP67 rated meaning it can be submerged below water at 1m for 30 minutes without leaking.

From £41.20 inc. VAT